30 December 2017


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Only 1 days left of 2017, I repeat 1 days. I know you have all probably heard this before, how has this year gone by so fast? It's crazy, I can remember the start of the year like it were yesterday. Don't get me wrong I am really excited for 2018 and what it will bring but also I am kinda sad. I am sad in that I feel like I haven't enough time to do everything I wanted to do in life. 24 hours in a day, 365 days in a year is just not enough!

I have never been good with New Year resolutions, I don't really like making them and I don't really stick to do them. I don't like the pressure. Then the disappointment when you don't achieve them, I hate that feeling because it's all on you. I am the type of person that is very harsh on themselves,  and I don't like putting myself in situations where I feel like a failure (because if you know me, you know that I am very dramatic even about the smallest of things and just over worry). I am not saying, I don't ever set myself goals I do. Setting goals is a good thing, but goals change throughout the year and I find resolutions quite rigid. I don't think I am putting my point across clearly, but I hope you understand sort where I am coming from. I am not the hugest fan of resolutions. Also making them at the start of the year for the year,  make it seems like a huge chunk of a goal and I prefer working towards smaller goals - they are more manageable and achievable not that resolutions aren't achieved and achieved all the time by other people.

Also, I feel that I always need more time to achieve resolutions. I admire people that make resolutions and stick with them throughout the year. That takes a certain level of dedications and discipline. I have always been sort of good with my time management. I do get things done but I get so easily distracted by literally everything it's on another level. Maybe that is why I feel like I don't have grasp over time.

Everyone has the same amount of time, what sets us apart is our attitude towards time. Our attitude towards time reflects our attitude towards life. Time is a luxury, what we do with our time is what we do with our lives. In every moment of time, there is an opportunity and it's your choice to make something of it. Time is precious because it will never return.

On a brighter note, I want to say THANK YOU SO MUCH for reading my little blog and being so supportive of my content. I wish you all the best in the New Year, good vibes all round.


Zeynab x

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