9 January 2018


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First things first, HAPPY NEW YEAR GUYS! This is my much delayed first post of the year, whoop whoop (finally got there). I took a little break from blogging over the Christmas period and was working loads of overtime, which took over my life. Things are back to normal, well as normal as they can be. I am back at it again with the blogging, with some regularity in posting ( I am gonna try).

Do you find that after taking a break,  it's hard to get back into the groove of things? I found it really hard to just think of what I wanted to post as my first of the year. A kinda put a little pressure on myself because I wanted it to be good, like with the all the content that I try to put on here. I knew I didn't want to do a '' new year, new me'' post or ''my new year's resolutions'' post ( I bet you have read far too many of those in the last couple of days) and also you pretty much know how I feel about new year's resolution after my last post (check that out here, if you haven't).

I am so waffling, guys this is kinda hard. I find the best thing to do when you are feeling this is not to force it. Take a little step back, not too much because you don't want to distance yourself so much that you don't ever come back. Just ease yourself into it, baby steps you know. Write a list of things that help you get there, so for me, I write down a list of posts that I could do and what I thought would be useful for you. Then, started writing a little at a time, I am not a writer and I find it so hard to sit and write. I have to be ''in the mood'' to write and I am always suffering from writer's block, always!

Next, find that inspiration and motivation to create content. It's hard when everyone is doing similar things but go on Tumblr, Pinterest and read your favourite sites and blogs. Or sometimes, completely not looking blogs, and what other bloggers are doing helps me a lot. I find that I am inspired at the most random of times, in the shower or while I am brushing my teeth (this happens quite a lot). This year, I really want to focus on creating the best content ever (well to my ability, I want to be proud of everything put out there, no room mediocracy).

I have completely forgotten what I was gonna say next but I know it was something good. .........10 minutes later, I am the type of person that is in their head quite a bit. I am always over analysing and thinking and thinking and thinking. It's so exhausting and I just wish there was a stop button because I would have used it already. I think, when you are trying to be creative it doesn't help when you are trying to control and plan every aspect of the situation. Sometimes, it's nice to just go with the flow you know? Life is unexpected and things often can turn out for the better, when you just loosen that grip and go with it.

Hope you guys had an amazing holiday break and smooth transition back into work and regular life. Happy New Year,  2018 is what you make of it, so make it a good one.

Zeynab x

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