31 March 2016


afro hair cleansing conditioner wen almond mint review

In one of my previous posts, I mentioned that I would be taking part in the Wen haircare experiment  (check that out here). For 2 weeks, the only haircare products I used were from the Wen brand (it was very interesting, never have I ever stuck to the same haircare brand for everything). It also meant that I had given up shampoo for co-washing. Which essentially is washing your hair using a cleansing conditioner instead of the more traditional shampoo. The cleansing conditioner is made for cleansing but without the usual harsh ingredients like sulfates. The idea is that it will leave your hair and scalp feeling clean without stripping it dry.

afro hair dry and damaged hair co-washing no shampoo sulphate free shampoo

Being a newbie at the co-washing trend, of course I was a little apprehensive about the whole situation despite all the benefits people have noticed as a result of co-washing. My main concern with this whole thing was whether my hair would be clean. I am really into that squeaky clean feeling that you get with shampoo -despite having super dry hair - I am going to be honest I had my shampoo at the ready, just in case you know I didn't get that feeling with the cleansing conditioner. Also it did feel slightly weird that there wasn't any sort of lather. To my surprise I actually didn't need the shampoo, the Wen cleansing conditioner* actually cleaned my hair. The best thing about using a cleansing conditioner you still got that clean hair feeling - I am still in two minds about whether the clean feeling lasts as long as it does with my normal shampoo -without the dryness, which is a really good thing especially if you have dry hair. Best of both worlds, I would absolutely recommend it to everyone with dry hair.

Another thing, my hair isn't the most cooperative of hair slightly on the unruly side but in a good way.  So you see I tend to opt for products that make my hair easier to manage and I am a hassle free kinda gal (basically lazy). While using the cleansing conditioner I noticed that my hair was definitely more manageable and easier to handle. I didn't notice any hair fallout, which I read in a lot reviews.

The stand product for me was definitely the re-moist intensive hair treatment*. This stuff is amazing !! No joke, you need this stuff in your life. I have dry and damaged hair and this just made my hair feel super hydrated and silky smooth. The added mint, caused a little tingling sensation that makes you believe that its actually working. Seriously do I do actually think it does work, I noticed that my hair in better condition after the first use, which have had with a lot of hair masks. Definitely holy grail status.I wish there was more product in the package, I need to check it out but I am sure you can get your hands on a larger size because you know need in this in my life.

wen smoothing straightening gloss afro hair dry and damaged

I am not one for straightening my hair everyday seriously I don't have time for that. But the Wen straightening smoothing gloss* - I know it sounds gimmicky, that crossed my mind as well- run a little in your hair before you blow dry. I am not even exaggerating my hair hasn't looked straighter . Seriously I was even questioning whether I had some how run a straighten through my hair. If you are into straight hair, but are cautious about the amount heat you are putting into your hair then definitely look into this product and if like me you can't be bothered to straighten your hair everyday then you should also look into this magical gloss.

I really like the Wen haircare range and I have only tried the almond mint scent but its definitely my favourite. Let me know if you have tried anything from the range.

Zeynab x

*product sample

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