30 November 2017


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Prince Harry is getting married!!! I just watched their interview on Youtube and I am gushing. They make an adorable couple and my friends need to step it up, their mutual friend set them up. Moving on from the Royal wedding forcefully, the subject at hand today is my irrational fear of red lipstick.

Red lipstick, red lipstick. I have always wanted to be one of those girls that effortless rocks a red lip, whether it's down to the local supermarket to pick up some bread or to a big fancy party. I can't tell you on how many occasions, I have planned to wear a red lipstick, wore the red lipstick and then wiped it off in favour a more nude colour because I didn't have the guts to wear it out of the house.

mac ruby woo

My current obsession with red lipstick could be largely down to my stalkerish behaviour of beyond cool French girls on Instagram. I am an Instagram addict, I am on that for far too long (check out my not so failure of an attempt to detox from social media). I can confirm that French girls know, how to wear a red lip. It's not fair, why do they look so natural and good?

There is no better reason to whip out your favourite lip, than the festive party season. It's normal to wear a red lipstick this season,  everyone is doing it? Did that help, 3 years of studying psychology and I have resorted to this? Honestly, it does help and for me, it's made me feel a lot more comfortable wearing the more daring shade. Drum roll, please here comes my top tips for wearing red lipstick this winter.
  1. The first hurdle, find your favourite red lipstick. You would think that was the easy part, but with a billion red shades in the market (all different, I thought I should point that out) it's hard to know where to start. I have read those articles online about how to choose a red lipstick but I find that it's just best to go out there and try them on yourself. The same will probably look different on you than it does on me. A couple of favourites include Lipstick Queen in Scarlett Red (appropriately named) such a gorgeous true bright classic red. One of my ultimate reds is the Loreal Colour Riche Exclusive Julianne's Red , this is more of raspberry red but definitely warmed toned. I love that it just brightens up any look and with this terrible weather any added brightens is a bonus.
  2. Ease yourself into it. It easier to start off with a stain because they aren't so bold. Also they have the added benefit of being extremely easy to wear and low maintenance (win win).
  3. The third and final tip is that pulling off red lip is all in the prep. Make sure that your lips are smooth, moistured and you have a lip liner to stop the colour bleeding.

There you have it ladies and gents (are there any guys that actually read my blog, very interested in knowing). The most important thing is that makeup should be fun and expression of you, so if you want to wear a red lipstick do it and if don't. But do check out my post on why you don't need a reason to wear makeup.

Zeynab x

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