25 May 2017


It seems fitting that I write this today, the sun is shining and there is a definite change in season. With each change in season, I tend to gravity towards a new set of fragrances. It has become a habit of mine and I am not complaining. For the summer season, it only seems fitting that I reach for the light, floral and fresh scents that work well with the warming weather.

TOP NOTES: Strawberry, Violet Leaves, Pink Grapefruit
MIDDLE NOTES: Violet Petals, Jasmine Bouquet
BASE NOTES: Musk, Vanilla Infusion

Not your typical floral fragrance, green, sweet and floral yet with a base note of musk that gives it backbone. A perfect accompaniment to the warmer weather and blooming gardens. The mixture of fruity strawberry and grapefruit notes with the intoxicating floral notes and the underlining musk and vanilla make it somewhat interesting. It's the perfect for the summer daytime, it wears beautifully on the skin. I love how fresh and vibrant it smells.

TOP NOTES: Citrus Cocktail, Orange Blossom
MIDDLE NOTES: Jasmine, Neo Lily
BASE NOTES: Cedarwood, Ambrette Seeds.

The blend of citrus notes, cedarwood and ambrette seeds has a mature flare that will lead you right into summer. This is they type of scent, you would expect someone who has their life together to be wearing. It's very grown up, yet youthful and fresh as brought on by the refreshing citrus and orange blossom notes. In short, it's completely mesmerising and lingers on your skin for what seems forever - perfect for the long summer evenings and no better way to let the world you have your shit together (the power of scent).

TOP NOTES: Gardenia,
MIDDLE NOTES: Magnolia, Orange Blossom
BASE NOTES: Orris, Amber, Musk

This is how you would imagine summer to smell, a bloom of florals and layered with fresh fruity notes. Somehow light and sexy at the same time, this scent wears beautiful on the skin getting warmer and dare I say it sexier as the day progresses. Out of the three, this is the one you would identify as a true floral scent but the base notes amber and musk work to create a complex scent that just smells beautiful.

Fragrance is very much personal. I love fragrances and discovering new unusual scents. What fragrances will you be wearing this summer? Let me know in comments below, you can never have enough perfume recommendations.

Zeynab x

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