5 May 2017


As the long cold winter days dragged, my makeup routine got kinda stuck in a rut. It's normal for me to stick to a routine, I am that girl - routine are my safe place. To be honest, I was getting a little bored and with the change in temperature, it was time for a spice up. Hold up, before your imaginations run wild I haven't strayed too far from the norm. 

With the new season comes many new releases, and Clarins certainly didn't disappoint. Admittedly, I was a little sceptical when trialling Clarins latest foundation offering the Pore Perfecting Foundation. I never tend to go for a matte finish, I am a dewy girl through and through. I was pleasantly surprised, the consistency is so lightweight making it perfect for the summer. The texture feels so incredibly soft, blending in seamlessly into the skin. It contains red clay, which works to minimise excess sebum and prevent any resembles a grease ball. The coverage is also very light, it's more of a bb, cc (you get it) type of base. You can build it up to maybe a medium coverage, without it looking heavy instead leaving you with a natural, smoother and matte complexion. My only wish is that Clarins step up their shade range game, there are only five shades available FIVE can you believe it?  My second Clarins instalment comes in the form of the Pore Perfecting Matifying Kit. OK, I will admit I do carry this around me because the packaging is really it's cool (just shows how cool I really am). You never know, when things could get a little oily and with the old t-zone and warmer weather you can never be too careful. I love that the sleek compact also homes blotting paper. I am not one for touch ups, but this one is handy to have in your makeup kit. It does everything you want from a powder.
I having been dying to get my hands on the Tarte blushes forever, you know when everyone is talking about a certain brand and product and you just have to try it for yourself? Well, that was the case with this. So my friend kindly brought some over from the across the pond, and I have to say they are as good as they say. Also how cute is this packaging? I love orange toned blushers, I think it works really well against my skin tone. There is just something about an orange coral toned blush, that gives you that glowing and healthy summer look you want, do you know what I mean? I have the colour Vibrant, and I have been wearing all the time and I am not big on blush. We all know that the highlighter is where it's at. I brought back an old favourite, this No7 Instant radiance Highlighter, is one of the best highlighters ever. It leaves you with a beautiful glowing sheen, it's not dramatic Instagram highlighter look, which makes it perfect for every day. It catches the light beautifully, imagine how pretty it will look as the sunlight catches it. I can't wait for summer but 2017 is going by too fast.

For brows, I have been really liking using this Benefit Brow Cream Gel ever since I saw Desi Perkins using it (her brow game is on point). I am by no means good at doing my brows, but I think I have it down for me well slightly. I don't like using anything but powder because it's easy. This Benefit's offering was sitting in my drawers for a long time before I decided to use. It doesn't have your typical gel like texture and that's what I really really like about it. It's very similar to a pomade but thicker. This makes it extremely easy to use, even for me. You can create really natural hair like strokes and doesn't look over the top because that is where it starts to go wrong for me. Don't get me wrong, I love a bold eyebrow as much as the next girl but I can't seem to pull it off. It last really well, and I don't often set it. Imagine if you did set it, definitely not going melt off your face in the sun. Now onto one of the best mascaras, I have ever used in my life. Yes, this is a big statement, but I have been on a mission to find the one (the one as in the perfect mascara) for a long time. Back story, I have short and really straight lashes and I really want longer lashes and most mascaras well don't deliver. The Charlotte Tilbury Legendary Lash mascara is bloody amazing. Seriously, my lashes look so good, typically you can't really notice my lashes but with this mascara that definitely changes. My lashes look longer (and a decent amount longer) and fuller. It's a win-win situation for me. Here comes the but, the formula is so wet it can be messy to use. I always let it dry up a little before I use it. I might leave it out overnight, that should work, right?

Now onto the piece de resistance, I am a lip product addict (I carry around 10 lip products at all times). My current go to is this beautiful dark rosy nude from Smashbox Be legendary cream lipstick in the shade Topshelf. I don't use very much Smashbox products, but if the brand is anything like this lipstick they are doing something right. This colour is so easy to wear and it looks good with every look. It's the easy option and means less time deciding over which lipstick to wear. I have been caught in situations, where it has taken me too much time to decide what colour lipstick I want to wear. I love that it's a glossier finish, which is perfect for the summer. 

Let me know your favourite spring time makeup products.

Zeynab x

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