20 April 2017


I have always found conturing difficult. I just can't seem to get it looking right! I look like have just smeared dirty across my face, not pretty right? Now have the technique down (after several hours on Youtube) and the right products, my contour game is definitely improving. The ideal contouring product should be a few shades darker than your skin colour and slightly more on the grey side with a matte finish. I have put together some of the best and easiest contouring products for beginners like me.

One of my favourite contouring products and the most recent addiction to my collection is the & Other Stories Face Contour Cream. I picked this up in their sale for £3, one of my better sale purchases. At first glance, it looks very intimidating however if I can use it and make it look good then anyone can. It's the perfect shade for contouring, it's cool without being ashy and it's one that would work on a lot of different skin tones. To apply, I just use a small stippling brush and honestly it blends in so effortlessly and leaves a finish that looks super natural. The Bite Beauty Multistick in Cocoa is very similar to the & Other Stories contour cream in terms of colour. In terms of application, again it's super easy to use and blends like a dream. It goes on like a cream but wears more like a powder without it looking chalky. As it is highly pigmented, you can go slightly overboard but nothing a little blending couldn't fix. I have used a lot of cream contour products and these two are foolproof.

For a long time, I was using foundation as a contour product. It is really difficult to find a contour product that is the right shade, especially if you are either very pale or have a darker skin tone. I have been using the Anastasia Beverley Hills Stick Foundation and the Hourglass Vanish Seamless Foundation Stick , which double up as the perfect contour substitute. If you can find a shade that is right for you, then these will work a treat. What makes them perfect is that they have a natural matte finish, you don't want your contour to be dewy. They are super pigmented without looking too heavy on the skin because you don't an obvious contour line. They blend into the skin really well, for both foundations I have found that a buffing brush works well to create that seamless natural finish.
If there is one thing I have learnt in my exploration of beauty, less is definitely more and that certainly applies to contour. You want your contour to look super subtle, to achieve a natural sculpted look as opposed to a combat ready face.

Let me know your favour contour products.

Zeynab x

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