21 April 2017


Naturally, I watched 13 Reasons Why? Isn't it frightening how our actions, even the smallest thing can affect someone? I have been extra careful with what I do and say. Boy, is it handwork and I am not perfect I make mistake and I do say the odd thing that may come across as not very nice but I am only human. Nonetheless, I have chosen to put in the effort to be more aware of make my actions and what I do and don't say to others.

I have the biggest conscious ever. I am the type of person that guilt will just be overwhelming even for the smallest mistake. I am known to be the person that apologises to everyone for everything - sometimes for no reason, which is annoying and I particularly hate when I do it when it's not my fault but that's just me. It's both a good thing about my personality and a flaw. 

In today's day and age, where it's frighteningly easy to say anything to anyone courtesy of social media, shouldn't we be more cautious? I realise that 13 Reasons Why?  Is fiction but we can't know everything that a person is going through. No matter, how much they put themselves out there, we still know only a very very small percentage. 

It's so hard for me to comprehend, that anyone will take the time to write something that is unkind like why? There is a reason why, they say 'if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all. That certainly applies online as well. I am certainly no 'big online star' and thank god for that because I don't know how I would deal with the hate. It's bloody crazy that people should accept hate just because they have chosen to put themselves out there, it doesn't make sense. This is one of the reasons, I am so careful about what I put out there I am certainly not ready for people to push their judgements onto me. 

I always acknowledged that the internet can be a hateful place but it didn't really hit me until I was watching Kim Kardashian West talk about what people were saying about her Paris attack. Honestly, it might be silly but it honestly made me cry. Why do we have to be so cruel to one another? Is it so juvenile to want and believe that people can just be nice to one another? The woman has just gone through one of the scariest things ever and some people feel like they have right to make fun of the situation and her being robbed, what is wrong with you people? It's so nasty, and now I notice all the little comments under photos and videos it's disgusting the things people say - they would never say it to the person's face. It's disturbing to think that it's so easy for some people to make these comments. But how are people getting away with it? There have to be stronger rules against this sort thing.

You know what makes me even me sadder when women do it to other women. And it happens a lot. Where is the girl power? We should be celebrating the successes of all women and supporting one another. You know, it's true when women support one another great things do happen.

Just think before you say anything because all it takes is one small thing and/or comment. We don't know everything and there is no way we can know what someone else is going through. It doesn't hurt to be nice.

Zeynab x 

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