9 October 2017


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I think we have well and truly transitioned into Autumn and Winter is definitely coming. Welcome cold weather, I am not going to lie I am a summer person through and through. I hate the cold weather, shorter days, the lack of sunshine it's not for me. I am rambling and going off topic. Yes, I really dislike the cold weather but I am a sucker for face masks (comes with the skincare junkie territory).

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Our skin pays the price for the change in weather. With cold weather comes flakiness, dry patches, dehydrations, inflammation, dullness and I could go on and on. One really effective way of really tackling each problem is with a face mask. And with the ease and increasing popularity of face masks in particular sheet masks. You should be including a face mask in your skincare routine, at least 3 times a week. There was a time, where I did a sheet mask every single day for just over a week and my skin looked amazing ( I have a post coming up on that very soon, stay tuned). If it's good enough for Korean women with perfect skins, then it's good enough for me.

Like the skincare junkie I am, I have upgraded my skincare routine to combat the havoc that comes with the change in season. I have not 1 but 4 face masks in my collection, that work to battle against the winter warfare. Goodness, I make it seem like I am going into battle.

Notably, this season's must have skincare product. The Quick Fix overnight mask contains Vitamin C and Licorice, which both acts as instant illuminator revealing brighter, clearer skin that's incredibly smooth and supple. Honestly, I have always thought of overnight masks as a little gimmicky but this offering from Quick Fix packs some serious punch, with an affordable price tag. When it comes to skincare I can be a little bit of snob. So, I didn't have much hope for it but I here to tell you it works and you do in fact wake up with a glow and radiance to your skin, I am into really into it. Think of this as you one stop method of restoring your summer glow.

The cold weather calls added hydration to your skin whenever and wherever possible. I am no expert, but whenever hydration levels begin to drop in my skin this opens up doors for a whole load of skin related problems. Hydration is key, major key (sorry I had to do it). You wouldn't typically think of turning to a purifying mask for hydration, but on hold this Sukin mask is made of gentle Kaolin clay, soothing Aloe Vera and hydrating Rosehip and Jojoba Oils that work together to inject the skin with moisture as the mask dries. Not only, does it work to hydrate the skin but delivers immediate results in that it leaves your skin looking and feeling refreshed, clean and supple - thanks to the clay base.

how to hydrate the skin during the winter

The cold dry air is harsh on the skin and people find that their skin much more sensitive and reactive during this season. This mask is designed to repair and relieve damage inflicted by the harsh external factors, reducing redness, increasing moisture levels and plumpness in the skin. The rich buttery formula contains rich essentials fatty acids, plant extracts, mango oil and kernel butter to immerse in the skin in long lasting nourishment and hydration. It calms my skin down. I have loads of redness on my skin and which worsened by the cold air and this mask reduces that situation.

A gentle deep cleanse is perfect to combat that classic case of winter face. This Malin & Goetz offers multiple benefits with minimal effort. The lightweight gel formula uses innovative oxygenating ingredients that work to deep clean your pores without being harsh or irritating to the skin. The addition of hydrating ingredients creates a physical barrier over the skin to lock in hydration. It doesn't stop there, the Vitamin C, Vitamin E, and Soy Protein brighten and firm revealing a clearer, supple and radiant complexion. This masks smells incredible, I can't think of what it reminds me of but it's a sweet. It's not a sickly sweet scent, it's refreshingly and really nice. It also comes in this handy fuss free pump packaging.

You have probably gathered that I love a good face mask, and I now all I want to do is put on a face mask (if you wondering I did indeed put on a face mask, I went for the Malin & Goetz mask). Let me know your favourite masks.

Zeynab x

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