6 April 2016


clear complexion brighter skin and DHC essence review

Good skin days are a rare thing in my life, but once in a blue moon when I do have them I like to full advantage and keep everything super simple. That is everything from makeup to skincare. Gradually I have been taking away from my routine, easing into a bare minimum skin routine. The main aim of this is maintain my skin current ''good'' and stable state.

The line is fairly concise, because I really don't want to rattle my skin (fingers crossed it stays like this).To cleanse I have been using the Una Brennan SuperFacialist Vitamin C Skin Renewal Cleansing Oil. I adore this cleaner, a lightweight oil that massages onto the skin like dream. It leaves my skin feeling refreshed and smooth. Infused with Vitamin C to reveal a brighter and softer complexion.

To be completely honest, I haven't really delve into the world of eye creams. I thought to myself it was about time, you know what they say best cure is prevention - plus I am not getting any younger . I picked up this Boot Botanic Radiant Youth Hydrating Eye Cream. My eye is quite dry and I have notice that since using this eye cream that it's much more hydrated and feels softer. I like the consistency it's really lightweight and it absorbs into the skin almost instantly.

The stand out product for is the DHC Beauty Lift Essence *, ever since introducing this serum to my routine, I have noticed a huge difference in my skin. It doesn't feel tight and dehydrated, and my overall complexion is brighter and clearer. The serum is enriched with peptides and nourishing oat kernel extracts that work to hydrate and firm the skin. Also from the same range, I have been using the DHC Beauty Lift Cream , which is a really really good moisturiser. I love that it just just does the job, the light consistency absorbs into the skin instantly and creates a nice smooth base for makeup application to follow. It also works really well as part of my evening routine because it provides enough hydration without it being extremely heavy and greasy.

Next week I have a bad skin day series running on my blog. I have planned one for blemish prone, redness and dull skin - because these are the problems that I have with my skin and I feel like I can talk about these problems in more detail. I will talk about the skincare products that I will use for these days, and obviously these are the products that tackle and work to combat these particular issues.  Make sure you come back for that, I am pretty excited for that.

Zeynab x

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