13 April 2015

The Skincare Edit: Moisturisers & Oils

bee venom moisturiser for sensitive skin I rarely tend to change up my skincare routine because my skin is so sensitive but with the new warmer weather I thought it would be good to change up a couple products. I haven't done anything major, just swapped up a couple of products and added some new ones, that more suitable for the warmer weather.

I have been on the hunt for a lighter day time moisturiser for a little while now, and I thought I would give this Bee Venom day moisturiser from Cougar a go. I haven't tried anything from Cougar before and I didn't know what to expect but so far so good actually. Bee venom has been having little moment, and it seems to have quite the celebrity fan base. I love the consistency of this moisturiser it's so thin and lightweight, it almost feels like a serum. It's perfect for wearing underneath your makeup because it absorbs into your skin almost instantly and I found that it creates a nice smooth base for my foundation. The main benefits of bee venom is that helps in smoothing out wrinkles ands fine lines because it increases blood circulation to your skin which makes your skin appear smoother and plumper. My skin is not at that stage yet but I have definitely noticed that my skin looks much more plumper since I have been using this moisturiser and a lot more smoother. I have a lot of dehydration and dryness around my nose, even though this cream is very light I find that it gives enough moisturise to help that.

Sanctuary Secret Therapist Facial Oil:
I much prefer using a oil in the evenings. I know a lot of people are gonna think wooh but a oil is much heavier and very greasy, if you find the right oil it really isn't and it absorbs into the skin much quicker. I picked up this oil, I think around 2 months ago (check out my drugstore haul post) and I have been pretty much been using it every night as part of my skincare routine. My skin doesn't deal well with heavy consistency, they tend to make me breakout almost immediately. That's why I really like this oil, it's really lightweight and you only need to use the smallest amount. I massage a couple of drops into my face in the evening (which is a treat in itself), it absorbs into my skin really fast and leaves it feeling super super soft.

This oil is made up of a mixture of different oils, which include sunflower, jojoba, rosehip and wheatgerm (high in vitamin E) oil which work to hydrate the skin and replenish your skin's natural oiliness. Which explains why it has really helped with the dryness and the dry patches that I had on my face. I have really sensitive skin and I didn't break out or anything, I would totally recommend it if you have sensitive skin it actually calmed my skin down a lot.

Both of these products are on the pricier side but I think skincare is one area we should spend more on, at the end of the day we have one face right? Have you made any changes to your skincare routine for spring?

Zeynab x

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  1. I also love oils in the evenings as I find that they hydrate my face perfectly throughout the night. I haven't tried this particular one from Sanctuary yet, but it sounds lovely. I've used The Body Shop Vitamin E oil serum before and I didn't immediately repurchase when I finished it as I wanted to try something else, but what do you know I'm currently waiting for it to be delivered as I just had to repurchase it once again x

    Beauty with charm

  2. That oil sounds lovely! Might have to make a trip to the drugstore! Nice post! X