31 January 2016


Hello guys,
    I hope you have had a lovely weekend. So my plan for this weekend was to get my blog together and miraculous I managed to do exactly that (just call me superwoman). I can confirm that what they (not the 'they' DJ Khaled refers to, who are they???) say about being organised is true and it does feel really good. In more exciting news (well for me, as a closet BIG 1D fan) Zayn Malik (is it sad that I get excited by the fact we share the same initials, maybe I shouldn't have shared that with the internet ??) has revealed his new song and video for our viewing pleasure. I really didn't know what to expect by I really like it (I may have had the song on repeat ), the video is cool in that artistic kinda way. Can he and Gigi be any more good looking ? I swear I am a real adult, and onto more adult things I have being the 30 day yoga camp with Adrienne (from YogaWithAdrienne). I have managed to amaze myself and actually stick to it, ok I am not exactly up to date with it but I am still doing right it? As a complete yoga noob, it has been pretty easy to get into and I have noticed that my body feels more relaxed and more capable. Also it's just nice to take that time out for yourself and focus on you. I know it sounds cliche but it has been rejuvenating and if you haven't checked it out, you definitely should.

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That's all I have been up to, let me know what you think of Zayn's new music and the video, my sister thinks it's quite cringe.

Zeynab x

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