25 January 2016


Skincare is a tricky little thing. There is a whole secret (well not so secret) world of skincare that I must admit even intimidates myself. Cleanse, tone and moisturise, the familiar motto can only get you so far. If like me you are in pursuit of ''perfect skin'', the conventional cleanse, tone and moisturise approach isn't going to cut it.

I have put together a list of skincare enhancers that will take your skincare game to the next level. Not only with these products complement your skincare, they work to elevate your skin to the best condition.

Toner is often mistaken as an extra step just to get rid of any cleanser or dirt remaining on the skin but the benefits of the humble toner are on a whole other level. Well at least for me, the addition of toners especially exfoliating toners has been well skin changing. Toners work to lower the skin ph levels and prep the skin for absorption of any products applied next. The toner that changed is all for me has to be the Clarins Gentle Brightening Toner, I ADORE this toner. I have acne and my acne scars are really prominent. This toner has been one of the few products that has actually worked to combat the dark scars and even out my skin tone, resulting in a clearer and brighter complexion (I am definitely not complaining).

Notable recommendations:
NUXE Gentle Toning LotionNourish Radiance Refreshing Toning Mist 

Oils have come a long way, they are no longer disapproved of and more and more individuals are recognising the benefits of facial oils. A natural and pure blend of oils can offer various skin benefits including evening out skin tone, brighter complexion and adding hydration. One of the best more affordable facial oils, I have come across is most definitely the Sanctuary Secret Therapist oil. With a potent blend of natural essentials oils that work to hydrate and protect the skin as environmental aggressors. 

Notable recommendations:

Serums are somewhat new to me, but consider them your new best friends. They are fined toned super powerful lightweight concoction that work to combat effectively all kinds of skin related issues, including dull complexion dehydration, and ageing. One of Sali Hughes most raved about serum is the Vichy Aqualia Thermal Hydration Serum. I can confirm that this serum works wonder in the hydration department, it provides an instant boost of hydration.

Notable recommendations: 
Origins Skin Renewal Serum, Sarah Chapman Intense Hydration Booster

Let me know what your favourite skincare bolt ons are.

Zeynab x

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