21 August 2015


I have accumulated a very decent sized lipstick collection, and at the rate at which I am going it's not likely to stop there. I find myself buying a new lipstick almost without thinking, and shameful (or maybe not) without any remorse. This has left me with somewhat of a problematic situation when it comes to deciding what lipstick to wear in the mornings.

I love a pretty bold lip colour, however more recently I have been leaning towards the nudes. I am a brown skinned girl, and wearing the typical nude lipstick can leave me looking a little ill or just plain ridiculous. I made it my mission to find the perfect nude colour for my skin tone, and I have found a couple that are perfect .

Revlon Lipstick Super Lustrous in Mink:
This is a warm brown toned pink, it's the perfect nude colour for darker skin tones. The formula of the Revlon Super Lustrous is enriched with Vitamin E and Avocado Oil, delivering hydration to moisturise and soothe the lips. Despite the moisturising formula of this lipstick, the lasting power holds up really well plus the fact that it glides almost effortless onto the lips makes it a perfect handbag essential.

MAC Lipstick in Taupe:
The 90s brown lip is the colour of the moment, we can all thank Kylie Jenner and her impressive pout. I find pulling off this trend quite tricky, I need it to be slightly darker (velvet teddy didn't suit me at all) but I don't want to look like I have smeared chocolate all over my lips. The perfect 90s esque lipstick for woman with darker skin tones is this beautiful brown lipstick with peachy undertones. I find that it compliments my skin tone beautifully while warmer up my complexion instead of making me appear ill. The colour is really wearable, and a single application doesn't necessarily give you that over the top Kylie Jenner look, if you are not into that.

Collection Little Mix Jade Lipstick:
A Cool toned deep pink nude colour, definitely worth checking out if you prefer your nudes to be on the pink side of the colour spectrum. The creamy texture of this lipstick, allows for it glide on to the lips effortlessly and sit on your lips comfortably despite the very affordable price tag. I find wearing pinks quite hard, because my lips are quite pigmented naturally and they just don't look right especially when it's a light pink, this works really well because it's more the dark side and it really compliments my skin colour.

Burberry Kisses Lipstick in Sepia No.85:
Undoubtable luxurious this Burberry lipstick is a warm dark pink with beige undertones, the perfect nude for anyone with darker skin tones. The light weightless formula allows you to create a light wash of colour over the lips or easily build it up for a more opaque vibrant colour. This lipstick has quickly become something I reach for most mornings because it's just so easy to wear, the finish isn't too matte neither too glossy just a perfect in between that adds a luminosity to your lips. Enriched with tea lavender and rosehip, to hydrate the lips and increase the comfort of wear.

Top to Bottom, Revlon, Burberry, Mac, Collection (it's a lot more brighter in the photos than in person).

My number one tip when it comes to wearing nude lipsticks is never to step into that territory where your lipstick looks more like your concealer, that is never a good look. These lipsticks will look amazing on all different skin tones, on more paler skin tones they will look more of a darker pink which looks super pretty.

Let me know what your favourite nude lipstick is.

Zeynab x

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