19 August 2015


As people are becoming more conscious of the products they put on their faces, popularity in mineral makeup has increased. Seen as a much ''healthier'' choice when it comes to makeup, mineral makeup eliminates the use of talc, chemical dyes and chemical preservatives in it's production which is often seen in the ingredients lists of traditional makeup.

Aside from the health benefits of using mineral makeup, the main appeal of mineral makeup is that it allows for you to build a flawless base whilst being absolutely weightless. The one problem I had with the idea of using mineral makeup was that it looks a little too messy. This opinion was quickly changed when I started to use the BareMineral Original foundation (which I love), contrary to popular belief using mineral makeup is quite easy actually.

product review

Mineralissima Foundation*:
A nice introduction to mineral foundation, this foundation creates a natural and weightless base. The consistency of this foundation is a dream to work with, it feels really smooth and blends into the skin very seamlessly. With mineral makeup a little goes a long and with this foundation this is absolutely he case. In terms of coverage, you only need a small amount to give you a decent coverage which looks very natural however I did find that layering with this foundation is not so great it does look kinda heavy (but only if you layer a lot, you only need a light hand).

Mineralissima Joy Blusher*:
I am getting more and more into blusher at the moment and this blush is BEAUTIFUL. You only need the smallest amount for a good flush of colour. I don't have a colour like this in my collection, it's very natural brown pink with coral undertones which is so pretty against my skin tone. It blends in  like a effortlessly, the consistency of this blush is very fine and smooth, it feels really lightweight on the skin.

blush summer natural blush dupe

Mineralissima Eyeshadow Aruba*:
This looks quite frightening in the pot, however when it is lightly packed onto the eyelids this silky and smooth textured eyeshadow looks amazing. This warm and delicate golden bronze pigment is flecked with gold and silver shimmer, and looks almost metallic on the lids. I use a cream base to give it something to adhere to and ensure that it lasts throughout the day.

Mineralissima is a small brand that is dedicated to providing and producing pure mineral makeup that is affordable and of great quality. I would definitely recommend that you check out their site, they have a range of beautiful products.

Let me know what you think of mineral makeup.

Zeynab x

P.S I thought you might like to check out what foundation I have been using to create a full, flawless and weightless base with.  

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