17 August 2015


kim kardashian flawless base what foundation does kim use ?

Usually I prefer a dewy and light base, but with my acne under control now, I have serious pigmentation problems because all the scarring (so much fun). I heard a lot about the Bobbi Brown foundation, especially about the coverage that it gives. Also I really like the idea that the foundation was packaged in a stick form which is extremely portable and compact enough to fit nicely into your makeup bag. Aside from it being really travel friendly, the main appeal of solid foundations lies in the flawless and foolproof finish without it looking heavy.

Having dry skin, I was little apprehensive about using a solid foundation. The texture of the Bobbi Brown foundation was something I wasn't used to, it was slightly on the drier and thicker side. Upon contact with the skin, the texture becomes slightly more creamier which makes a little more easier to blend in but it's still quite tough. Once blended into the skin, it leaves you with a seamless and skin like finish. I found that the best way to blend this foundation into your skin was to use a patting motion, with a beauty blender or packed bristle brush which does an amazing job at blending the foundation into your skin leaving it almost undetectable.

The pigmentation of this foundation certainly packs a punch, I have been applying a thin layer to the areas where I don't need much coverage and layering where pigmentation is a issue. I found that this foundation layered really well, layering didn't leave the foundation looking cakey rather it left it looking weightless and like a second skin. As a result expect to use a lot less concealer because the foundation does the majority of the hard work.

Bobbi Brown foundations always have a great selection of shades and I think the undertones of her foundations work really well my skin tone (yellow). If your skin-type is on the oilier side, this foundation is definitely one you will be satisfied with. The overall finish is very matte and one which prevent shine even on the T-zone area. I found that the wear of this foundation was really nice and even and it lasted the majority of the day on my skin even without using powder to set it.

let me know what you think of the Bobbi Brown stick foundation .

Zeynab x

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