19 November 2014

How to Create A Flawless Base

With Christmas party season around the corner, I thought it would be a good idea to share you lovely people some of tips to achieve a flawless finish. I am by no means a makeup artist or an expert but I love makeup and I have learnt through practice (it took me a while but I got there, I think).
  • Make sure your skin is prepared, exfoliate and moistures your skin you will find that your base will sit much better on your skin and improve the overall finish.
  • Wear primer, I was never into primer but it does really make your base last longer and make it look better.
  • Setting in your base, you can use any powder but I recently discovered that using a foundation powder like MAC studio fix powder with a beauty blender to set your make up will give that really flawless finish Kim K flawless finish.
  • You can also use a setting spray, which sets in your makeup to make it last longer but it can also change your finish depending on what type of spray you use.
  • The type of tools you use matters, for a fuller coverage look I like to use a buffing brush or wet beauty blender sponge work really nice and give a flawless yet natural skin like finish. Also remember to blend and blend, it wonders for your overall.
  • Apply foundation before concealer, I find that by doing it this way you will need to use less concealer. Which is a good things for a number of reasons but I find that the finish look looks a lot less heavier and cakey. 
  • Less is more, if you don't need a whole load of foundation because your skin is good then don't use it just for a party.
I hope that tips come in hand for you and make sure to have a ball at all those parties you are invited to. Also let me know what your favourite tips and tricks are for achieving the perfect base.

Zeynab x


  1. Love this post! I always wear primer & moisturiser before applying foundation. My skin just doesn't feel right without it! X


  2. Really informative post! I should probably get used to wearing a primer more often!

    Emma Louise xx


  3. Thank you, definitely I love primers for when I really want my make up to stay put.

  4. thank you, I don't always wear primer but I always have to wear moisturiser.

  5. I haven't bought one yet but I sampled an Arbonne primer at an event and it was a delight!!

    Em x

  6. I am glad it has helped, wearing primer makes a big difference.