22 November 2017


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Rejection is just part of life, it's ingrained deep with the core of all our very existence. For the last hour, I was just sat there imagining a life without rejection, could you imagine? If in a funny complex way, I can comprehend the role of rejection in life. You can be right for every job, person, even bank loan. It's when, you have worked your butt off and you really really want something that rejection can be a right B**** . And boy is it painful, it knocks right off your feet.

Life can be callous at times. But is a girl to do? The easy option, wallow in your sorrows and indulge in overly sweet sweet treats (I would suggest pistachio ice cream). Or you could be the better person and accept, acknowledge that it wasn't meant to be and move on with your life. Yes that is so much easier to type, than it's actually to put into practice. Again, I repeat life can be so shady (as I type this post, I am actually pressing down on my keyboard a tad bit too hard and it's quite alarming)

I have never been the type of person that deals with rejection well. Do those people actually exist, if you are one tell me your ways? I have always disliked the fact that I take everything so personally, it's ridiculous. I have to stop! What I have started to do is, tell myself ''hey it's not you' over and over. I am not going to lie, it actually sorts of working and after a little reassuring from me to me, I find myself just moving on and getting on with my life.

There is no particular reason why I am writing this post, maybe it's those end of year feels. I am getting older (my birthday is this week, whoop whoop), and the year has flown by and I want to have improved on myself. Also, achieved some of the goals I set out at the beginning of the year ( I am still typing very aggressively and it's probably annoying everyone working around but I don't care because I just have to get this out).

I approached 2018 ( I can't believe how fast the year has gone by, if only you had a penny for every time someone said that right) with an excitement for the future and desire for more for myself. With my first cardinal failure of the year, I was flooded with an overwhelmingness of the anxieties that come with rejection but also reminded of how dangerously unsatisfied with the status quo I had been. The future together with a little imagination is an exhilarating thing. Which has eclipsed my mind with the idea of an alternative future, so don't be sad that 2017 is coming to an end, be exciting for all the possibilities that 2018 will bring!

Zeynab X

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