1 June 2017


I am no hair expert, however, I am a very determined individual and I am determined to grow my hair back. I was on Roaccutane for a while back and that did a serious number on my hair (check out my experience with Roaccutane here).

I lost quite a lot of hair and the condition of my hair is no Bueno! I am on a mission to grow it back but also to get it healthier. I have done a lot of research in the name of hair and there is a lot I mean a lot of information out there. When I commit to a cause, I go all in and I have tried to get my hair to grow back. Lucky for you, I have put together the best tips that actually do work.

It's true what they say, you are what you eat. Hair growth is no different, our eating habit has major effects of the condition of our hair. I have started to make healthier choices and increase my protein intake. Protein works to both strengthen and grow hair, hello eggs! There is also taking the supplement route, which is ultimately easier to get all the essentials vitamins and minerals you need for your hair in one go. One nutrient that comes up, again and again, is Biotin. Biotin contributes to the maintenance of healthy hair and encourages hair growth. I have been taking the Grow Gorgeous Hair Density Nutrients*, supplements recently. It contains a high concentration of Biotin for maximum effects. As well as amino acids to work to improve hair's natural moisture retaining ability to maintain thickness and keep your locks looking shine. It contains Hyaluronic Acid that moisturises the scalp and roots of the hair to keep hair healthy.

I know this one is quite hard. I have a lot of hair and it can be hard to manage especially when it has been washed. It's just easier to use heat and get it dry and styled. I have significantly reduced the amount of heat on my hair, so even heat to dry my hair yep I have embraced air drying. My hair feels a lot healthier and not like it's going to fall all off. On the rare occasion that I do use heat, I always make sure to use heat protection. At the moment, I really like the Lee Stafford Coco Loco Heat Protection*. It smells amazing, like holiday in a bottle but it's also really lightweight. I really dislike heat protectants that are heavy and just wets your hair. It contains coconut oil and no alcohol so it doesn't dry up your hair instead it leaves it looking shine and healthy.

Your hair is the weakest when it's wet. Water breaks down the natural hydrogen bonds in the hair, which makes it more prone to breaking. The bonds reform once the hair is dry. I have changed up my towel, to one that is gentler on my strands. The Aquis Hair Towel* is made of Aquitex an innovative fabric woven from really fine fibres to produce a light weight material that has superior absorbing abilities that are super gentle on your hair. I have been gently patting it onto my hair, instead of rubbing it against my hair. I have noticed a significant reduction the hair breakage. Seriously, this has been life changing for me because my hair was breaking left right and centre, so if a change in towel means that I am decreasing breakage I am all over that. Not only that the Aquis cuts down hair drying times by half because of its superior ability to absorb water, win win. I have also switched up my normal hair bands, I have started to use the Scunci hair bands. Why you ask, well hair bands especially those with the metal bar can be really damaging to your hair and pull your hair off. The Scunci hairbands are really soft and don't have that metal band thus no damage to your hair!

Hair oils can really improve the condition of your hair, they have several benefits including preventing damage, detangling and smooth frizzy ends. I was afraid that my hair would be all greasy, but the trick it to find a hair oil that is lightweight. I really like the Kerastase Elixir Ultime, this oil is packed with anti-oxidant Amazonian pracaxi oil, again oil, Asian camellia oils and omega-rich maize (so loads of good stuff). It penetrates the hair shaft to leave your hair supple and stronger. I have also been using the Moroccanoil Treatment, which a super super lightweight oil. It absorbs instantly into the hair and it leaves it feeling soft and looking shiny without it looking greasy. Both oils have helped to keep my hair hydrated, which in turn aided restoring the condition of my hair and encouraging healthy hair growth.

These are a couple of steps I have been taking to improve the condition of my hair in an attempt to grow my hair. I am lazy but I have it easy to implement these changes and I have honestly noticed a difference. Let me know if you of any magical product and or tip that will give really beautiful long hair.

Before you go, I will post every day of this month - wish me luck. So come back tomorrow for a new post and check out yesterday post featuring all the holiday essentials we always forget to pack.

Zeynab x

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