6 December 2015


Don't you just hate it when your skin is behaving really really well for a long time and then out of the blue, you are just bombarded with spots (urgh). Yeah that is exactly what is happening to me right now. I am not the type of person that likes to go to town with my makeup, especially when my skin is breaking out. I just find that the more makeup I wear trying to cover out the nasty breakout, the wore my skin gets.

I said that but I still want some much coverage, cos no one needs to see all that pimples. I picked up the Mac Prep & Prime CC Cream and I really like for when my skin is acting out. My skin gets super red when it breaks out and it doesn't help that it's winter (I have been called rudolph because my nose gets so red during the winter). This CC cream seriously reduces the reduces in my skin and I don't look like a tomato. It's not the best for coverage, but it does give a nice, even dewy finish that look really natural. The consistency is thin and I find that it blends nicely into the skin. It's everything you want from a weekend base and I would totally recommend if you prefer a really lightweight base. 
For coverage, I have been using my trusted KIKO Natural concealer. I feel like KIKO is such an underrated brand, the quality of their products are pretty amazing and the prices is the icing on the cake so affordable. This concealer just does the job, it has a really creamy consistency which glides on nicely onto the skin. It doesn't feel or look heavy and I don't find that creases. It works really well for both blemishes and the under eye area. Definitely one of my favourite concealers!

To set all in place, I have been using another old favourite the Loreal Nude Magique BB powder. I featured this in my top drugstore powders post. I don't know why more people don't rave about this powder. It's one of the finer milled (how bloggerish of me) powders from the drugstore, it's doesn't look cake and it feels so like really really smooth and velvet. It set my base and it controls any oiliness, my skin is just acting out of the ordinary and I have had loads of oiliness in my t-zone.

This is my go to routine for when skin is freaking out, it's great because it doesn't clog up your pores but this still gives you some coverage. Let me know what your go to base products for when your skin is breaking out.

Zeynab x

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