4 October 2015


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The evil that is self-comparison has taken over, and this week I turned into an emotional wreck. Comparing myself with anything that is breathing, I can only describe as a salient point in my life. Throughout the week, I came to the same conclusion over and over again that ''I am pretty much talentless'' and ''I should probably go hide in a hole somewhere in no man place'' (apologies for the depressive mood, you probably don't need it on Sunday morning). 

To be honest with you, I can't even seem to pin point the exact moment my self-deprecating begun. It's been a long LONG week. Being a perfectionist, I am often pretty hard on myself I have this ''high standard'' which I life by. As we all know life is anything but perfect, I am often felt feeling disappointed in my efforts to control the uncontrollable. Subsequently, turning into a whiney toddler on the verge of an epic tantrum. 

A little glimpse into my week, innumerable hours were spent sitting in my room and yes in the dark because I am ever the drama queen. Stressing over 1) how I have no time left and 2) What my existence adds to humanity (very deep). It's pretty hard not to indulge in a little bit of self-comparison especially when we live this time where it seems the world population feels the need to share everything on social media. Obviously what us mere mortal often failure to acknowledge is that people only share the best version of their life and let's be honest you and me are guilty of doing the same. 

Before you start thinking that I need to be locked away and have the key thrown away, I was able to somehow turn it around eventually on the last hour. It was all down to an ad on spofity, my memory is absolutely horrible I can't remember what the ad was for but it was an comparison between doers and dreamers. The ad would come on over and over, almost like a sign from the universes that I needed to get over my funk and stop the abhorrent trivial things having immense effect on my life and in the words of the infamous ad ''doers do now". 

Links Worth Your Time:
On a happier note, my favourite links from the week. 

I promise it won't depress you too much.

I am sorry about today's post, if there is one thing I want you to take from this post is that if I (very melodramatic pessimist individual) can feel semi better about myself in a world where comparison are as easy as ABC (cheesy) then you can too, I know it's not easy as a blogger sometimes I feel I am constantly comparing myself to other bloggers. 

I am going to leave you with, 

Comparison is the Thief of Joy 
                                    Theodore Roosevelt

Zeynab x

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