30 September 2015


Do you ever experience an overwhelming feeling of sadness on Sundays? (god this sounds very clinical)

If like me you do, then you could be suffering from the Sunday Night Blues. Yes it's a real thing, I know it explains a lot right?
I really like my job (I might not love it) but most Sunday nights when the realisation that I have to go back to work and my weekends are over hits I feel so unhappy, it's really bad sometimes. It affects the rest of my night and I have this sneaky suspicion especially when I have it really bad it negatively affects the week ahead more specifically my Monday mornings. 

I have been trying a couple of things recently, to try and kick that Sunday night gloom. I feel that when I do some of these things on the Sunday, I feel better come Monday mornings and Monday lets just say isn't my favourite day of the week. On to the list, sorry I have ramble on a little too much.

1. Light workout session, stress on the word light I am not the fittest person.
2. Pamper session, a good face mask and a nice long bath.
3. A long walk, preferably somewhere that is really nice.
4. Treat yourself, buy something really nice for yourself (obviously not every Sunday as that wouldn't be so good for your purse).
5. Create a to do list for the week ahead, makes you feel prepared, ready and in turn less stressed.
6. Get inspired (listening to TED talks always works for me).
7. Hang out with your family & friends.
8. Have a mouthwatering good meal and extra dessert.
9. Early night.
10. Of course catch up on your favourite blogs (obviously that includes mine).

I am going for a really nice meal with some of my oldest friends tonight, so that should be good. Let me know what you are up to today and any tips for beating the Sunday night blues.

Zeynab x

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