25 August 2015


Having a beauty blog, means that I am engrossed with the world of beauty, to whole new level. I am totally fascinate by beauty rituals, I remember growing up always watching my mum perform her very minimal beauty routines (secretly wished that she would always do more) and been totally infatuated by the whole process.

Being preoccupying with beauty rituals has highlighted for me, my bad beauty habits and I have a few of them. I thought it would be a good idea to post about these habits, in a bid to kick them and improve on them. Don't judge me guys.

1. Being lazy with my skincare routine.

2. Not moisturising down my neck.

3. Not frequently washing my makeup brushes.

4. Biting my nails.

5. Not taking care of my cuticles.

6. Peeling my nail polish off.

7. Not getting regular haircuts.

8. Being lazy with body moisturising.

9. Touching my face a lot.

10. Not taking of my feet, i could be doing more foot scrubs.

It always the small things that have the most effect later on in life. Let me know if you any of your bad beauty habits that you are trying to break.

Zeynab x

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