13 September 2015


This week, I have spent the majority of my time day dreaming about the time when I had no work routine and I was basically free to do as I wished. Being back at work, has hit me quite hard. The harsh reality is not sitting well with me (I already have major Sunday Blues because I have to be back at work tomorrow, check out the best ways to beat the Sunday Blue HERE). I am probably not the only person (I am not right)? What I am finding the most difficult is the early mornings, I just can't do it and I always seem to doze off into the best sleep around the time my alarm is just about to go off (I could cry, my sleep pattern is a complete shamble). Also adhering to work rule (I have some strict work rules to follow) and falling back into that routine is not going as smoothly as I would have liked, I have already been told off once or twice for not following the rules (I am such a rebel, not really actually, you would laugh if I told you what I got into trouble for it's so stupid). 

I am the type of person that you call free spirited (or just plain lazy but we will go with free-spirited not that free-spirited people are lazy, I will stop right there) and I thrive off not being told what to do. I am dreading next week, and having to be back at work. This is not a good way to feel about your job, but it just doesn't excite me, it might be time for me to start looking for something new but job hunting is whole new level of depression (I don't deal well with rejection). 

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I live for the weekend, it's extremely sad that it has come to end and too fast for my liking (we should start a petition to have a three day weekend, two is just not enough). I hope you have had a lovely weekend, let me know what your plans for the week involve and if you are up to something fun (I can always live through other people).

Zeynab x

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