20 September 2015


the mary lou -manizer highlighter

Highlighters add that little something something (you know what I mean) to a makeup look. Somehow a makeup look doesn't look complete without it (well according to me), not only does it add that beautiful glow to the skin it creates the appearance of a more polished and put together look. Highlighters are quickly becoming my favourite makeup products, and the beauty market isn't short of different highlighters to try out. There is something for everyone, there are a whole range of options in terms of finish, texture and application.

The Mary Lou-Manizer by The Balm has definitely got a reputation for itself in the beauty community. I was little apprehensive before buying it because it does look a little on the pale side and I wasn't so sure how that would work with my skin tone. Paler highlighters tend to look little ashy on darker skin tones. Nonetheless I couldn't resist the hype and I made the purchase and I have been pleasantly surprised.

There is nothing subtle when it comes to this highlighter, it has a very high shimmer content but the shimmer is so finely milled so they don't like big chunks on your skin. I think this highlighter is perfect for evening looks when you want to achieve that extra glam look. It looks amazing on the skin and it creates this beautiful golden glow on the skin. I definitely get why there is a hype around this product because if you are gonna use a highlighter, you want the glow to be noticeable and this highlighter gives you that and some more. The smooth texture of this highlighter makes it super easy to apply, it applies like a dream. I have been using it to highlighter all the high points but if you do want to use it as an all over highlighter definitely go in with a light hand.

I find that because the colour has a very yellow undertone it works quite well with my skin tone and doesn't leave me looking ashy. Feel Unique have a 15% discount code at the moment, so if you are interested make sure you take advantage of that code.

Let me know what you think of the Mary Lou-Manizer.

Zeynab x
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