7 May 2015

Everyday Protection: Facial SPF

We all know wearing SPF is very important and all that. But having sensitive skin and a darker skin colour SPF can be a right hassle nonetheless I have been making a real effort to wear facial SPF more especially with the warmer weather (I know we should wear SPF all year round). I have been trying a couple and I have narrowed it down to my favourite 3 facial SPFs, which wasn't really hard at all.

La Roche-Posay Anthelios XL:
I never expected to like this facial SPF with such a high factor. Definitely thought it would be more on the thick side and one that would leave a horrible white cast. Boy was I wrong, this SPF is really really light weight, it's super runny which is actually good because I find that it's easier to work into the skin. It absorbs into the skin really easily because of it's consistency. Also this SPF has a yellow tint, so it works perfectly with my skin tone because it doesn't feel you with greyish/white cast that you can get with SPFs. Basically I really like this SPF and I have been using it loads.

Nuetrogena Ultra Sheer Dry Touch Sunscreen:
This facial SPF is raved about so much by the American beauty bloggers/vloggers, and you know how it is I just had to try it to see what the fuss is all about. So when my cousin was going over to the US, I asked her to pick this up for me alone with a loads of other beauty treats. This SPF didn't blow me away maybe I just had very high expectation because you know everyone goes on about it but it was ok much better than loads of other SPFs I have tried. I liked the consistency it's not really thick, and it absorbs into the skin quite quickly. It doesn't leave the greasy feeling you can get with some SPF which is good and bad because my skin is so dry so I actually sort like that extra moisturise. I would totally would recommend this facial SPF if you are looking for an affordable and decent SPF especially if you have oily skin type you have to check this one out.

Clinique Super City Block: 
I picked up this SPF after reading about it on Caroline Hirons blog. This SPF has a foundation like tint, which is great because obviously you won't get that white cast but I don't think it great for people with darker skin because it does look sort of greyish cast. I have been wearing it on days where I don't want to wear too much makeup because it's like a BB cream, it blends into the skin really nicely. It's a great base for your makeup, and it leaves a beautiful sheen on the skin. It's not greasy or heavy on the skin, it's an amazing sunscreen but there is one problem. This SPF is breaking me out, which is so annoying because it's so good but it just doesn't work with skin which is such a shame.

As SPF is really important, you know we only get one face so we better start looking after it. I am definitely going to being my SPF everyday, or at least try to. Let me know what your favourite facial SPFs are.

Zeynab x


  1. I love the La Roche-Posay SPF. I received a sample at Shoppers Drug Mart and found it really good. I make sure I wear an SPF on my face every day:)

  2. I never used to be interested in SPF and I think you can already see from my skin even though i'm 21! I'm loving BB creams because they combine both SPF and tint :)


  3. I am using L'Oreal foundation which has SPF but I should buy a day moisturiser with SPF too! x

    Jana // Life of Jana

  4. At the moment, I am using a Clarins SPF 50+ sample, but the jury is still out on that one.

    Beauty, Baby and Backpacking

  5. As the summer's coming I'm on a hunt for a good face spf - now I know where to start ;) I've heard about this La Roche one and everyone likes it.

    If you'd like you could check out my new blog http://aaarabesque.blogspot.com - I'd be honored ;)

  6. Great post :) sounds like some nice products :3

  7. Thanks for sharing. xx


  8. you definitely have to check it out, it is really good. xx

  9. I havent tried that one. xx

  10. absolutely spf is really important especially as the weather is warming up. xx

  11. BB creams with spf are so useful, its so easy to forget to wear spf xx

  12. I wish I was more like you, definitely have up my spf game. xx

  13. I´ll keep you posted whether you should or not.