2 April 2015

5 Instagram Feeds With Really Pretty Photos

Hi guys 
Instagram is definitely one of my favourite social media platforms, I love going through people photos (I am really nosy) and I find myself wasting a little too much time on there (but obviously I am trying to reduce that, with my social media detox). I have come across some amazing feeds, the quality of the photos some people upload is just so amazing. I have loads of Instagram feeds that I enjoy, but for this post I have picked 5 for now (more to come in the near future).  

Marta Greber @whatforbreakfast

Courtney Trop @alwaysjudging

Linda Delika @linadelika

Sara Donaldson @harperandharley

Leave me your favourite Instagram feeds, I will definitely check them out.

Zeynab x


  1. Your blog is so enjoyable to read. I honestly think it's one of the best! New reader:) -m
    Check out my blog:

  2. My favourite instagram account has definitely got to be tunameltsmyheart - the doggy with a jaw defect. As much as I love the cool, beautiful and insanely perfect accounts, I love seeing this little doggy, he always cheers me up haha!

    I'm over at Flores Y Moda if you fancy a cheeky read! x

    1. I haven't seen that instagram account, I am gonna check it out xx

  3. I'm gonna check them out later I definitely!! I especially like the Lina Delika one; I love freshness and bright colors. Thanks for these suggestions girl!!

    xoxox, Naomi | http://bunnyandfawn.blogspot.com/

  4. I love instagram, definitely my favourite social media! These feeds look beautiful - I wish I could take better photos!

  5. You are welcome, I am glad to be in your reading list. x

  6. oooo pretty things! You should check out "Ihavethisthingwithfloors' I don't know why I really love their account. I'm at thebettystamp if you want a gander

    Betty x

    The Betty Stamp