5 December 2017


tanya burr and glossier makeup review

Most mornings there are two things that I want, 1 more time in bed and 2 more time in bed, kidding to look like I have had the best sleep ever! That is not the reality, I often wake up look exhausting and  that is not a good look. That was until I stumbled across the gold mine of skin routines, that will have you looking fresh, and glowing every morning.

I have been a fan of Glossier for the longest time and you can just imagine my excitement when they announced that they were shipping to the UK, *happy dance* (check out my first experience of the glossier must haves). I haven't tried a moisturiser like the Glossier priming moisturiser. This Glossier offering, is the perfect combination of primer and moisturiser. It works to hydrate the skin and create a smooth base for makeup. Not only that but it leaves your skin looking incredible glowing, but not in  that greasy way instead more of a that healthy glow from within way. The formula is packed with hyaluronic acid, mushroom extract, vitamins A, C, and E, green tea and honey. With an added  combination of antioxidants and powerful oxygenating agent, it works to improve skin's texture and prevent cell damage. I am obsessed with it, I have been reaching it for nearly everyday. I love the packaging, it's super easy to use and hygienic. Thanks to the combination of antioxidants and powerful oxygenating agent, it works to improve skin's texture and prevent cell damage.

youtube makeup review swatches

I am not one of those people that never jumps on a celebrity, or youtuber endorsed products, not because I don't like them or anything but I just like to stick to what I know and like. I was at Superdrug with a couple hours to spare, so I went on a swatching spree. I was pleasantly surprised with the Tanya Burr range, I picked up so many of her products. I love her highlighters!!!!!! I have been using the Face Illuminator with the Glossier moisturiser every morning. The instructions say to mix in with your foundation, but I don't wear foundation so. It;s just worked out really well for me. Its a yellow golden cream consistency, there are no glitter pieces in this at all. It's so smooth and even, that I can get away with applying  it all over my face. It leaves me with a healthy golden hint to my skin. It looks gorgeous and anything that leaves me looking that much more awake, I am into. 

Glossier Priming Moisturiser 

Tanya Burr Face Illuminator 

I can't believe that it's already the 5th of December, my goodness where has this year gone?? However I am super excited for the New Year, I have such a good vibe about it.

youtubeer golden healthy looking skin
Both when applied to the skin

Let me know if you have tried anything from Glossier or the Tanya Burr range?

Zeynab x

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