20 February 2017


Image from the Desenio site

I am the type of person that always focuses on the big wins in life, the major life achievements. Let me tell you it's exhausting and disappointing. I am so busy working towards these 'big moments' that I have been missing out on the small joys, the everyday moments. It might have taken me a while, but I have learnt that it's all the small moments that makes life. Focusing on the big moments, well for one you could be waiting for a long time for them to happen. I know it's especially hard in this day and age where we are constantly comparing our lives with random strangers (at the end of the day, they are still strangers no matter how much stalking we do I know that I can get deep. I have done it myself, checking the sister's boyfriend's aunt). Sometimes, I look at some of the amazing things and all the successes of people my age and even younger and I fall into that hole of feeling like a failure. I have taken a step back from social media and just trying to remember that it's suppose to 'fun' and light (by force). Yes, it's extremely difficult as it's part of my job to spend ridiculous amounts of time online but looking at the bigger picture I have realised that it's ok to celebrate the little things in life and really if we think about it that is what life is about - it's all the little moments that make life. I know it's very cliche but as soon as this clicked for me, something changed and I left much happier about me and my life because I have so many great little moments to be happy about.

Talking about small moments, I have wanted my own gallery wall for the longest time. I think I have about thousand gallery walls pinned (check out my Pinterest, if you want). I have created my very own gallery wall in my bedroom, and I am in love. How beautiful is the moon art? One of the problems was that I just didn't have time to put together the art to create a wall that resembles something on Pinterest, well that's where Desenio comes into play. On the site, they basically have an inspo gallery and you can just buy the prints in that gallery as simple as that. I really into that Scandinavian interior vibe (like probably the whole world) and I feel Desenio does that so well. You have probably guessed already but the posters and frames (how convenient are from Desenio). If you wanted, you could also just get the frames it's so easy.

Make sure you guys check it out and cos I am here to hook you up I have a code for 25% off all posters. If you do end up buying a poster, let me know. Before I forget the code is Zeynab25, all lower cases.

Zeynab x

* I had the privilege of working with Desenio on this post but all wording, imagery and opinions are my own. 

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