29 February 2016


Patience, flexibility are not characteristics I would attribute to myself. I have always though that to be good at yoga, you have to be super flexible (I mean some of the yoga moves are just ). Patience is key to mastering any new skill, I wanted to something really clever but it wouldn't come to me.

Nevertheless I challenged myself (always good to challenge yourself). I wanted to be more active and have a regular exercise routine (exercise and me lol) and if I am being totally honest yoga came across as the more easier form of exercise and that's why I went with it (not even going to lie about it). Boy was I wrong because yoga is intense but not in that strenuous way that more traditional exercise can be. I feel like I am ramble slightly in this, brace yourself guys this might be a long post (sorry). Still buzzing from that New Year hype, I thought it would be a good idea to take part in the 30 day yoga camp with Adriene. A little disclaimer, I was little behind but I persevered and I did the whole thing . You know what it was so good, I am thinking about doing another 30 days (that kinda sounded like an ad, which this totally is not).

What I loved the most about doing the yoga camp with Adriene was that I giving time to myself. I am the type of person that likes to keep busy all the time and that is exhausting. I won't stop, I dislike the feeling of having nothing to preoccupy myself with and usually put in 200% into everything I do even the smallest of chores. I love that I was taking even if it was 20 minutes for myself and not thinking about work, blog or just life. I was just being present (Adrienne says this a lot during the videos, at first I didn't understand and I thought it was a little hippy but I get what she means now). At the time, I was really stressing about something or another and doing the yoga just gave me sometime out away to relax and gather my thoughts (like most people, I tend to forget that my problems will still be there, I don't have to let it consume every waking minute).

I wasn't doing the sessions in the morning because I didn't have time (me and my bed are solid #relationshipgoals) But that was a good thing, because I found that doing it in the evening had a significant impact on my sleeping pattern. I was really stressed over the last couple of weeks and I wasn't my sleep was just completely messed up (so messed up that I was clenching my teeth while I slept meaning that I woke up with a painful jaw) and evening yoga sessions were great. After each session, I completely at ease, super relaxed and ready to go to sleep. I kid you not, I have had some of the best sleep ever since embarking on the yoga camp journey.

Another major difference I noticed was my posture. I have the tendency to slouch a little, which isn't the best thing for my back. I don't have any major back problems, however I would always have back pain during that time of month. I have been sitting up and walking straighter and I have noticed around that time of month, the back pain isn't so bad.

Obviously not being an yoga expert, I didn't get all the moves immediately. It took a while and I am still yet to master all the positions but that is the whole point of it right? Plus I looked ridiculous doing some of the moves and I was glad that I was confined to my bedroom where no other human would be forced to see me in any comprising positions. So I thought that yoga would be easy, but that wasn't the case I would seriously sweat after some of the session (sorry that was tmi). What I really like about Adriene is that she goes in a slow pace (not painfully slow) and lets you do what you feel comfortable. Seriously by the end, you will totally be in the element, and just get in with it.

Yoga isn't for everyone, but it's definitely worth a try if you are especially stressed or not sleeping properly at the moment. Let me know if you have done the yoga camp or if you.

Zeynab x


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