4 February 2016


Nothing beats a good TV binge session (well maybe somethings but for the purpose of this post we will just go with it). It's one of my favourite things to do on the planet and trust me once you start watching your favourite shows in this glorious way, you will never go back. Since the weather has been a little  lately, a good TV binge session sounds like a very good idea (nice & cosy).

1. Girls
I have just recently started watching Girls, I know I know where have been for the last couple of years (I ask myself that all the time)? Basically it's about a group of girls in their twenties trying to figure life after College. The main themes and ideas are absolutely relatable and I feel like I can identify to their lives and the struggles because I, well we all have been or are dealing with the same issues. Some of the ideas are exaggerated but it's a TV series, it's supposed to be entertaining and it's so funny (sometimes I find myself laughing so hard, it's that good).

2. Making A Murderer
After Undisclosed (the podcast) finished there was a void in my life and Making A Murder filled that void. It's scary to think that the American legal system works like that, it seems so unreal and ludicrous that something like this happens in real life. I don't want to ruin it for anyone that hasn't watched it yet, but if you are into your real life crime documentaries then YOU HAVE to check this out.

3. Friends
Need I say more,  it's a classic. I have been watching it recently and it's funny how so much of what they were wearing then is in trend now. Unless you have been hiding a rock, friends seems to be the most talked about sitcom of the moment. Who else is excited for the possible Friends reunion?

4. Grey's Anatomy
I am the Biggest Greys Anatomy fan ( I bet loads of people say that) but I am. I have been watching the show since I was 15. Yes 15 and I am 26 now that is commitment. It's a medically drama that is set, yep you guessed it in a hospital. The special thing about Greys is the emotion evoking story lines and the relatable, I swear I can only describe as being on a emotional roller coaster. Shonda Rhimes .

5. Master of None
I love this show, Aziz Ansar is incredible in it. I love that it tackles major social issues in a lighthearted and digestible way. You just know it's one of those shows that everyone will love. Definitely check it out, if you want a good laugh.

Let me know what your favourite shows to binge watch are (cos apparently I can always make time for a good TV binge session, always)

Zeynab x 

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