8 February 2016

A Weekend's Musings XII

You would think that it would be pretty obvious to yourself if you were under stress. The body is a miraculous thing, carrying out these life altering functions without any consolation from us. Automatically responding to our environment, in way that it thinks is best.

You might be thinking what is she on about? Last week, I was constantly waking up with a heavy ache in my jaw. I couldn't pinpoint what was the cause and I remained blissfully unaware of my night time activities. It was all down to me unintentionally clenching and grinding on my teeth, while I was sleeping. It become so bad that I was doing it throughout the day as well, I would just find myself clenching my teeth (oh the pain in my jaw ).

That wasn't the only thing, I developed eczema on my hand out of nowhere. If you know me, you know that I am meticulous about looking after my hand (always moisturising them). I didn't click for me until I was talking to a work colleague, who was describing very similar symptoms (if we can call it that). She told me it was down to stress. It hadn't crossed my mind once that I might be stressed, I didn't think that I had a good enough reason. I feel like the term under stress is used quite loosely, and  I do it as well and too often people just disregard it. She recommended the Calm app and light yoga just before bed (amazing), and I have been sleeping so much better. The big thing, my jaw is hurting a lot less in the mornings. It's so weird, I still don't why my body feels like it's stressed, I am probably over working myself.

I thought this was useful as well, Check out the full post here  (The Elgin Avenue).


  • Regroup. Share your concerns with someone else, a problem shared is always halved . . . if not quatered and eventually totally gone! Poof! Lean on people close to you, or seek outside advice from a mentor.
  • Recharge. It’s tiring to live with an underlying stress. Although you may not feel actively stressed by your thoughts, it is exhausting. Take some time to sleep, relax and concentrate on things which energise you.
  • Research. One of the most empowering things you can do, is to educate yourself. If you are confused, or unsure of something, research it! Become a nerd about life, and any opportunities you may wish to explore. Keep your research in one place, either on your computer or in a physical folder – by researching avenues you may want to go down, you’ll quickly develop a map of where you can potentially go.


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I have been listening to much music this week, my time has been consumed by Serial and the Undisclosed Podcast. Which have put up new live episodes about Adnan's hearing. 

I hope you have a less stressful week than I have. Find out whether I made it onto my doctorate course this week, pray or send me good vibes. Let me know what you have been up to.

Zeynab x

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