17 January 2016


Never had it once crossed my mind that I would become a crazy highlighter obsessed woman. It's happened and I kinda like it.

The drugstore has come a long way, when it comes to highlighters gone are the days where the only offering were chunky, glittery formula. I welcome you to a new age of finely milled, subtle formula that are more natural. When it comes to achieving that natural radiance, for me a cream formula is perfect for creating that glowing finish.

It's like these highlighters were made for me, cream formula tick, in a convenient stick packaging tick and super affordable double tick. The No7 Instant Radiance bronzing Highlighter is the perfect highlighter if like me you have a darker skin tone. It leaves you with the ultimate golden glow that doesn't leave you looking ashy, which I can find with other highlighters especially from the drugstore that are a little more on the pale side.

victoria secret glow recreate with drugstore As it is very unlikely that we will be getting any sun anytime soon (well that is unless you are going away to a tropical destination, lucky you), the No7 highlighter is especially perfect for achieving that sun kissed, healthy J-LO glow (you know what I am talking about). It works equally as well for those of us with a more pale complexion and those of us with a more darker complexion, definitely a winner in my book because it warms up the face without it being too much.

The Collection offering is more on the paler side in comparison to the No7 offering. It's a neutral champagne colour, which makes it ideal for an everyday glow. The Collection Speedy Highlighter in Pearl Sheen doesn't have a potent pink nor bronze finish, which is rare for a drugstore highlighter and especially one that is as affordable as the collection one.

Both formulas are extremely creamy in consistency and glide on effortlessly onto the skin. The pigmentation is equally as good in both the highlighters, but as the pay off is slightly more intense with the No7 highlighter I find that you only need a light hand. It's all about the finish, both leave with a natural finish that give you that healthy glow from within.

Perfect handbag companions as they are super easy to use because of the way they are packaged. I love that you can apply it straight from the bullet onto your skin and blend it in even with your fingers as they warm up the product making it easier to blend into the skin.

If the only thing putting you off drugstore highlighters were the chunky, glittery filled formula you certainly don't have to worry with these highlighters. I completely recommend that you check these highlighters out, they are ideal for adding that radiance to your look especially during the grey gloomy January days.

Zeynab x 

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