30 October 2015

How To Find Inspiration

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 by David Mao

Lately I have been feeling uninspired, when it comes to my blog content. There is a constant internal battle between my desire to create great content and sticking to a consistency schedule.  It's absolutely frustrating, because consistency is blogging 101 but I want my content to feel genuine and good. I feel that with a schedule there is a pressure to create content almost like a machine, and sometimes it's not always great. I am the type of pressure that works well under pressure nonetheless the perfectionist in me always makes me second guess and scrutinise every post I produce (yes imagine living inside my head it would turn anyone crazy).

On the other we should feel lucky we live in a time where inspiration is in abundance and we don't even have to leave the house. With the rise of social media platforms, it gives us access to a constant stream of inspiration. I wanted to share with you my favourite sources of inspiration.

Tumblr, I am pretty new to tumblr but I definitely get the appeal. It's like a combination of a blog and Pinterest. Basically you can reblog images, quotes, links, videos and more to reflect you and the things you are interested in.

Pinterest, obviously I had to include Pinterest. I could spend hours and hours on there, I always find something to spark my imagination.
Instagram, one of my favourite social media platforms. Some of the feeds on there are just mind blowing, ridiculous amount of talent. Also I am a nosey person and I like have peek into people's lives before I know it I am checking out someone cousin's girlfriend feed (please tell it's not only me).


Blogs, I love reading blogs and finding new blogs. I think blogging is a wonderful thing, such a creative way to share. Obviously it has become this big thing now and the quality of blogs is insane.

Zeynab x

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