18 October 2015


I think these posts are going down well, right (let me know what you think down in the comments)? I read a post last week on the idea of happiness (check that out here) and it made me think about what happiness meant to me, am I happy? What is being happy?

As you may have discovered from these posts, I am a highly meticulous individual (or I like to think). I spent the majority of last week interrogating this concept internally and what did I come up with you ask? Well all I know is that I do want to be happy, even though people generally perceive me as a happy person I don't think I am truly happy (don't feel sad). I have attached so many different factors to being happy, that have made it inevitably harder for me to feel happy. I am the type of person that is persistently living for the future and not the moment, which in even turn as left me robbed of my happiness (a tad dramatic). As I realised from the post and my own thinking is that happiness is a choice, we can allow ourselves to feel happy. What I am really trying to say is that you can find happiness in the small things (like a new lipstick, finishing a book and more) but you have stop truly experience in that moment. Happiness isn't unattainable or lavish it's just simple, so just be happy to be happy.

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I have to write a 6000 support statement for a course I really really want to do, only problem I am particularly good at selling myself. I have given myself a deadline so that should force into completing it. Have guys got anything planned for the week, let me know. 

There is no path to happiness, happiness is the path. 
  Zeynab x

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