27 August 2015


kylie jenner lips

Lip liners have made a very big comeback. Lip liners are no longer negatively associated 
with the badly overdrawn look from the 90s. Suddenly they are very in and everyone and 
their mum is obsessed with them and rightly so. Using lip liners means that your lipstick lasts longer, not only that it they keep your lipstick looking really neat and give the illusion of fuller lips. 
My favourite way to use lip liners is underneath my lipstick, as it always makes it last longer and without it my lipsticks seems to disappear sometime during the day really quickly. I also like to wear lip liner on its own with a little lip gloss for a natural everyday look.

There are a lot of lip liners on the market, and we are absolutely spoilt for choice especially from the drugstore. I have chosen some of my favourite lip liners and the brands that I think do they really well.
Obviously I had to include MAC, their colour range is insane they have every colour you could think of. I picked up Spice it's a very 90s kinda brownish nude, I am really into wearing these kinds of nudes at the moment they compliment my skin tone really well (check out what nude lipsticks I wear with this lip liner here). The quality of the MAC lip liners are amazing, they glide onto the lips really smoothly and I don't found them too drying on the lips. I would absolutely recommend checking MAC, especially if you are looking for specific colours.
I picked up this lip liner, last year sometime it's a dark red. The perfect companion for any bold dark red lipsticks look which looks perfect in the Autumn Winter time. I love the Barry M lip liners, they are super affordable, long lasting and super easy to apply.
I recently discovered the KIKO lip liners and they are AMAZING (I know so far all the lip liners I have mentioned are amazing, but they just are). The KIKO lip liners are so soft and smooth, they apply like a dream and look amazing on the lip with just one layer. They are absolutely my favourite drugstore lip liners, definitely going to be picking up some more.
These lip liners are really smooth and apply really nicely on the lips. One of my favourite red lip liners, it looks really good on it's own. Rimmel doesn't have the largest colour range, but the quality of them is really good and they last really well.

I prefer the more traditional pencil like lip liners, I like that they give more control and give a very neat and tidy finished look. Let me know what your favourite lip liners are.

Zeynab x

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