8 November 2017


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Everyone loves a good face mask right? I am forever trying out different face masks, face masks are my favourite skincare product because with a good face mask you can see instant results.  Over the last couple of weeks I have been trying out the Stila Glowing Reviews Gentle Skin Renewal MaskSuperdrug De-Stressing Mud Mask and the Soap & Glory No Clogs Allowed Mask.

Stila Glowing Reviews Mask:
A gentle scrub mask that exfoliates the skin with fruit enzyme, fruit acids and exfoliating beads, which work together to make your skin brighter and clearer. This mask and I didn't get on, it's supposed to a gentle scrub mask but I found it a little too harsh for my skin (my skin is overly sensitive so that might be it). It made my skin really smooth but it did nothing for my dull complexion, which what I was expecting. It also left my face really red, it could be the harshness of the beads and the fragrance in the mask (but it smells so nice). Maybe I am the wrong person to be testing out this mask, but I don't think it is worth it at £16 and I wouldn't personally repurchase. Might use the remaining scrub as a hand scrub because it really left my skin super smooth and soft. It might be great for you if you have a oilier skin type and your skin isn't as sensitive as mine.

Soap & Glory No Clogs Allowed Mask:
The Soap & Glory is a self heating detox mask, I am usually skeptical of 'self heating' mask because I haven't found one that actually heats up. According to Soap & Glory this mask works to control breakouts and blemishes by unclogging your pores. It also contains glycerin which helps to keep your skin soft and moisturised. The mask is formulated for oily and combination skin types however even with my dry skin I didn't find that it left my skin dried out. To my surprise this mask actually heated up when I applied it to my face, it felt kinda weird but a good kind of weird. It left my face feeling really clean and the process was enjoyable (can you say about a mask?) but I don't think it helped in controlling or preventing breakouts on my skin. The self heating aspect is slight gimmicky and I don't really think it did anything for my skin. 

Superdrugs De-Stressing Mud Mask:
My skin has been really irritated at the moment and very reactive, so I decided to try out this Superdrug De-Stressing Mud Mask with added aloe vera that helps to calm the skin down.  At £2.95 and with a simple ingredients list I didn't think it would do any harm to try it out. It works like any other mud mask, and it left my skin really cleansed usually with mud mask my face is left red because they can be quite strong but with this there was no redness at all. The mask itself has a thick creamy consistency that feels instantly cooling and refreshing on the skin. I would definitely repurchase this mask because it has worked really well for my skin and I would definitely recommend it for those with sensitive skin.

My favourite mask out of the three is definitely the Superdrug De-Stressing Mud Mask (surprise surprise) because it worked the best for my skin and it's so affordable at £2.95, it's an absolutely bargain. Let me know what your favourite drugstore face masks are, I am looking to find some more gems. I know that this post was a little bit on the negative side, but I think that it's useful to read about all opinions on products good and bad. I hope that it helps in some way. I love face masks and I constantly using them. I have put together my favourite masks to combat winter skin, check that out here. 

Zeynab x

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