18 October 2017


stylist why women wear makeup

Women are always made to feel like they need an excuse to wear makeup, there is this pressure to explain ourselves. Why do you need a reason to wear makeup? Why can't you wear it just because you want to? 

I'm the worst, I explain my decisions all the time even when I am not asked to just because I feel like I need to. With social media (here we go again) I see it over and over again, people asking or commenting on people's choice to wear makeup ''Why does she have to wear so much makeup, she doesn't need it'' ?'' Why is wearing that eyeshadow''? Basically a lot of WHYs!

I adore everything beauty, that is why I started a beauty blog. I needed an outlet for my obsession because everyone in my real life were fed up with me.  Also, can you really have enough makeup? Every red lipstick is different, believe me.

I wear makeup because I love it, it's that simple. I enjoy putting on my makeup, even if that means waking up a little earlier in the mornings (and I really love sleep). I find its creative and therapeutic, it gives you that time to zone out and focus on yourself.

I don't wear makeup every day ( I am so glad I can do that, all thanks to this intense but worthwhile treatment for giving me the clearest skin) and that is still fine. Sometimes, I wear loads of makeup and that is fine even if I go out with highlighter that out of this world just to go grab some bread from the corner shop. Sometimes, I wear the bare minimum and that is fine. I don't think wearing makeup with a purpose is a bad thing, it's just that you don't have reserve makeup for special occasions. If you want to wear your special pink lipstick on a gloomy Wednesday morning go ahead. Every day is an occasion, and makeup has the power to make you feel like a better version of you when you wear it.

So this week I said to myself, you know what I am gonna wear all the makeup products I want and experiment with my look (finally use up more of the products I stored away in drawers after drawers). There is no reason why you can't wear that beautiful sparkly eyeshadow to get your morning coffee.

Do you feel like you need an excuse to wear makeup?

Zeynab x

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