7 November 2016


the best cleanser oil cleanser snail cream review skincare eyebrow tutorial
I am the type of person that will, almost 99% of the time take the easiest path. And it's no difference when it comes to my beauty routine, whenever I can I hardly ever makeup - I know I am a beauty blogger but you can love beauty without wearing all the time.

For the weekends, I am nearly always pretty relaxed when it comes to my beauty routine - you see me and my bed have a special relationship and we need to make up for lost time. I am obsessed with the Hylamide High Efficiency (they got that right) cleanser, it's definitely one of the easiest and best cleanser I have ever used - no lie. It contains purified tomato carotenoids and amazonian oils however it doesn't feel anything like an oil cleanser. It's so weird, it almost feels like a water based cleanser. But it certainly works like an oil cleanser, it gets rid off everything without the leaving an oily residue. It's just the best, I need to stock up. I still haven't found my holy grail moisturiser, but this snail cream from Beaute Medierranea is really really nice. It's formulated with organic certified snail slime extract - that sounds so appealing yep. But snail slime, is rich in mirconutrients that are amazing for skin. It has a really nice consistency, it doesn't feel too heavy nor too light -it's just right. It leaves your skin felling moisturised and super soft.

If I can be bothered, I will stick on a little of a BB cream and my go is The Body Shop. Honestly, it's one of the best I have tried. It leaves your skin look super dewy and fresh - if you are not in that, maybe this is not the one for you. I always get so many compliments whenever I wear this BB cream. Again so easy to use and it comes out like a mositurisers with beads of pigment that burst when you apply it to your face. The colour range isn't great but the darkest shade works really nicely for me. If I am feeling extra fancy, I will do my brow with the Revlon Fantasy brow pencil. I am not the best at doing my brows but this makes it really easy for me. A little mascara, I just use whatever I can find but lately I have been using the Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara. I like the way it separates my lashes, and gives me a really natural look.

I can always make time for lipsticks. My current go to nude, is Taupe by Mac. It's the perfect nude shade for darker skin tones. The weekends are definitely for food and sleep. Let me know what your go to weekend routine consists.

Zeynab x


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