10 August 2016


Even though I don't like the feeling of a heavier base, I often find myself compromising because I want a fuller coverage.

If I can find a concealer that gives me decent coverage without it being heavy, I am sold. I got my hands on this Salon Essentials Skin Camouflage Colourperfect Concealer Cream*. The idea is that you can customise the concealers to make your own perfect shade. On the downside it can be quite long but for someone like me, who struggles with finding a good colour match its well worth it. Also, the set comes with a handy mixing pot and you can just keep some in there.

There are 4 concealer shades, including a white shade. This one, I haven't used at all to be honest. The consistency of these concealers are super super thick. Make sense, as they are for covering everything including tattoos. I wouldn't reach for it everyday but for when I need that extra coverage, this concealer is amazing. It covers just about everything, even my beauty spot and that's pretty noticeable.

As it's quite thick, I find that I have to put in extra effort to work it into my skin. To achieve that seamless finish. The set also includes a loose setting powder, which is pretty good but I a fan of the dewy look. The concealer doesn't need any setting, it stays put all day pretty much and it has a matte finish.

If you like a fuller and matte finish, then this concealer is right up your street. Let me know what you go to heavy duty concealers?

Zeynab x

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