13 June 2016


With summer officially here, and days just getting longer and warmer it's the perfect opportunity to switch up your fragrance to match. There is nothing worse than wearing a heavy scent, in the summer  (a strong scent mixed with strong odour is not good). I have put together my favourite summer time scents, perfect for any summer occasion.

Stella McCartney Stella
Typically I would avoid rose scents, but Stella is far from the traditional rose scent. A feminine and sensual fragrance that I wear almost everyday, here the conventional rose scent is supplemented with sharp, fresh notes of mandarin essences and warm, rich notes of sultry amber that give the classic rose scent a multiplex and sophisticated edge. Inspired by the classic English rose, the ultimate expression of femininity, even one spritz of this sensual blend of rose, mandarin, amber and peony is at once intense without being overpowering, but very light and refreshing because of the mandarin notes. It's divine, even those sceptical of rose scents will be converted. I find it perfect for evening wear.

fresh light perfumes

Dior Miss Dior Cherie L'Eau
Inhaling this scent is comparable to the lushest summer garden. The fresh, airy and energising scent is perfect for the long, hot, stuffy days. It opens with notes of bitter orange combined with gardenia that creates that fresh citrus scent that makes it ideal for long summer days, especially as it lingers really well. The added musk gives the fragrance more depth and sophistication. A modern take of the classic gardenia scent. What makes it perfect for the summer is that it's really light but the scent isn't nonexistent.

Dolce & Gabbana Pour Femme
There is clearly a running theme, I definitely adore fresh citrus notes. This is definitely a more mature and sensual scent, which feels kinda sexy (yeah I have just described a scent as sexy). Pour Femme opens with citrus notes of neroli, green mandarin and orange blossom, however unlike the typical citrus notes it's not sharp and fresh. The middle notes of sandalwood and vanilla do a good job creating a complex scent that is the perfect combination of sweet, citrus and woody notes. Definitely not my usual perfume, but I really like it.

You wouldn't believe how long it took me to write this post, who would have thought writing about perfumes could be so difficult. I am the type of perfume that is really sensitive to scent, a lot of perfumes actually make me nausea (looking at your Gucci Rush) and I typically wear the same set of perfumes in rotation. Perfume is totally personal and I would absolutely recommend you guys check out these perfumes. Also let me know what your favourite summer time fragrances are.

Zeynab x

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