18 May 2016


Summer is coming, well at least it should be. Hopefully with all the blazing summer heat (fingers crossed), that we will be getting this summer our hairs should be close to resembling straw. Only if you don't listen to my wise words that is, I am just kidding but I am incredible excited at the perspective of summer heat that could actually turn my hair into straw.  

I am a simple type of person, I have never been into complicated it's far too taxing for my over occupied brain to handle. My main priority when it comes to my hair during the summer is keeping it hydrated and prevent it from frying basically. I incorporate a lot of extra moisturising products, more like just slather it all on and hope of the best. You probably already know that I have made the switch over to co-washing, and it has had a dramatic (I don't know if I am exaggerating but I really really do think that it has helped check out my full thoughts) effect on the condition of my hair. That is the first step, secondly I increase the deep conditioning sessions ideally I aim for once a week. I already have extremely dry and brittle hair and the summer doesn't necessarily do it any favours. I picked up this Amara deep nourishing treatment from TKMaxx, I adore what it has done for my hair. You wouldn't expect it but it has an incredible lightweight consistency but it definitely injects a hefty dose of hydration to your hair. It is made up of a unique combination of natural pure ingredients that mimic the scalp's natural oils, working to provide an extensive moisturise to the driest of hair. For even more hydration I turn to the humble coconut oil. The night before washing my hair, I put a shit load of coconut oil on and leave it overnight to do it's magic. Whenever I do this my hair feels a whole load softer and smoother and it's just easier to manage (life goals). 

Also in addition to implementing a cleansing conditioner into my routine, I have been washing it far less. It's ok for me because my hair is naturally very dry and I could probably last a week without washing my hair but that just doesn't sit well with me. I do use a dry shampoo to freshen up and add some volume to my hair. I am not big on dry shampoos and I don't really have a clue but I do know that people rave about the Batiste dry shampoos. My wild experience with dry shampoos hasn't been too exciting, I don't get the fuss to be honest but the Batiste certainly does the job. 

hair summer dry damaged hydrate
Whenever I do wash my hair, I have been religiously following it with the Milk _Shake Whipped Cream leave-in foam*. It's enriched with milk proteins that help to condition and restructure your hair making it stronger and softer. I have noticed that my hair hasn't been breaking as much, and that well enough good reason for me to definitely keep it in my routine and plus it smell AMAZING and the novelty of it being like whipped cream is a plus. Similar to the whipped cream leave in foam, I have been using the Wen Nourishing Mousse, just adds instant hydration and gives your hair some hold. I absolutely love it and it does all of this without wetting your hair or leaving it sticky.

Let me know if you have used any of these products and how you got on. Plus leave me any dry shampoo recommendations.

Zeynab x

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