2 May 2016


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Years of battling with acne and loading my skin with drying, acne fighting products has resulted in irritated and dehydrated skin. You wouldn't associate dehydrated skin with blemish prone skin but acne prone skin can be dehydrated. A growing proportion of my skincare stash is devoted to rehydrating my skin and it's definitely one of my better moves when it comes to my skincare.

Continuing with the Bad Skin Day Series - make sure you check out the first post in the series, it's specifically looking at breakouts. Whenever my skin is feeling a little dehydrated or irritated, I switch up my usual products for products that are more hydrating and less harsh. I always switch up my cleanser, I find that cleansers that are not oil based can be a little drying especially when your skin is in a state of thirst. I adore the cleansing balm from Ermana, I turn to this cleanser whenever my skin is acting up - whatever the problem. It's one of the only cleansing balms I find that doesn't breakout me out, as my skin can be super sensitive. It gets rid of all my makeup without tugging at my skin and leaves it feeling hydrated, and smooth.

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The Caudialie Vinosource S.O.S Thirst Quenching Serum is a blogger favourite. It works by supplying moisture deep within the skin, and rebalancing the moisture level. It contains soothing grape water, which is rich in calcium, potassium, vitamin C and polysaccharides to keep your skin soft and plump. It also contains a high percentage of Hyaluronic acid that helps to retain the much needed moisture in the skin. On top, I like to layer a creamy hydrating moisturiser. I am really enjoying the Aloe Soothing Day Cream from The Body Shop. I like that it's a gentle and simple moisturiser and just gets the job done. It works by gently hydrating the skin and soothing the skin leaving it less irritated. I find that whenever my skin is dehydrated is becomes overly reactive and it often quite painful.

A good way to rehydrate the skin is through face masks. I recently picked up the Moisturising and Soothing Lotus Face Mask from Sephora. It's a sheet mask that is loaded with lotus, which works to lock in moisture and reduce signs of fatigue and bring that healthy glow back to your skin. I wish these were readily available there in the UK, they are really really good. I want to try more from the range, this one left my skin looking really supple and hydrated. It added an instant boost of moisturise and concealed a multiple of sins. Another face mask, that is really good for when your skin is in this state is the The Body Shop Aloe Soothing Rescue Cream Mask . It's unlike a traditional face masks, because the consistency is quite runny more like a lotion. It's super easy to apply and take off, it leaves your skin feeling really soft and hydrated.

Let me know if you have used any of these products and what your go to products for dehydrated skin is.

Zeynab x  

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