1 November 2015


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I am my own worse critic, that is probably the case with most people (I think). If you know me, you that I am a serial dieter, I have always been dissatisfied with my weight and body image, so I am constantly trying to diet because I am trying to attain this perfect weight that was decided by God knows who. It doesn't help with that we are constantly bombarded with skinny woman across all media platforms and made to believe that this is the perfect weight, understandable it makes you feel unhappy with your body.

For me I have always had it in my mind that if I lose so and so amount of weight, I will feel happy and look really good in clothes but that hasn't always been the case. Last year, I lost quite a lot of weight, and still I didn't feel satisfied with my weight and the sad part I thought I needed to lose more. I still haven't learnt my lesson because I am trying to lose weight for my birthday, which is just 25 days away now (I can't believe I am going to be 26 and on the 26th). The worse part is that I am the world's worse dieter, as soon as I tell myself that I am going to be on a diet I crave everything under the moon and eat so much more.

I have definitely eased up on myself a lot more and I am a little more happy with myself. It's all about confidence, you don't need to be a size zero to look good in clothes, just figure out what looks good on your body and rock it. I am never going to have a supermodel body but I am ok with that (maybe not a 100% there yet). I have been trying the Voilet Shrink Wrap, which is super simple to use and my favourite part you don't need to exercise (not the healthiest lifestyle). I have used it a couple of times and I have lost a couple of inches. If you are looking into definitely worth, trying out but don't expect overnight results.

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I hope you have had a great week, I am back at work tomorrow after a week off. I have some exciting posts planned for the next couple of weeks, hopefully you guys will enjoy them.

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