1 June 2015

The Ultimate Mascara Duo for Longer Lashes

the best mac mascara for longer lashes

I have really short lashes, which is incredibly frustrating. I am constantly searching for the perfect mascara that will do some magic for my lashes. I have found a couple of mascaras that work for short straight lashes, like the mascaras I mentioned in my mascaras for short lashes post but nothing like this winning duo I have recently come across.

So recently I accidentally layered two mascaras and my lashes have never appeared longer, fuller ever without false lashes. Onto the winning combo, I go in with the MAC False Lash Extreme Black, which is AMAZING for lengthening. It really separates my lashes, lengthens them so much and makes them stand out because it's so black. I really like the formula, I found that it was really good at building length without it going clumpy (not a fan of the clumpy look) and it's not too wet, which I prefer. I have a small sample of this mascara but I am definitely repurchasing, ASAP!

The brush is tapered which makes coating every lash easier, and grabbing the very small lashes that are hard to reach. It's a bristle brush, which I though I didn't like very much but it actually works. Then I go in with the Maybelline The Rocket Volume Express mascara, which is one of my favourite mascaras ever. I find that this mascara is not great for volume whenever I use it on it's own but when paired with this mascara it's really good at building volume and creating thicker lashes. I love that it has a big plastic wand, I just find them easier to work with as they are really good at coating every lash more quickly. On it's own I find that this mascara gives a really natural long separated look which is nice for every day and I would absolutely recommend it if you are looking a drugstore mascara.

I can't believe I haven't been layering my mascara before this, it has made so much difference to my eyelashes. Is it kinda silly that I am really excited about eyelashes ( I am obsessed with getting longer lashes), if I could wear natural looking false lashes everyday, I actually would.

Let me know if you wear a combination of mascara, and what mascaras you use together.

Zeynab x

P.S I have you covered if you are getting slightly confused about the order of products, you need to use in your skincare routine.



  1. OMG so happy I noticed this review!! I need to get the MAC mascara it sounds amazing!! great combo here I also love Maybelline falsies mascaras x


  2. I used to wear this mascara religiously, every morning until it ran out! need to repurchase x

    http://heyitshannaah.blogspot.co.uk/">Hannah | Heyitshannaah

  3. I used to love Rocket Volume! I have quite long lashes but I still like to layer mascaras as sometimes they work better paired with something else.

    Emma x
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  4. My eyelashes are blond, so it always looks like I have none when I don't wear mascara. I know a lot of people who layer their mascaras, but I haven't tried it yet. This sounds like a great combo :)

    xx Izzy| Qthee

  5. definitely a great combo and the mac mascara is really good on it's own as well. x

  6. You lucky woman, pairing mascara is definitely the way to go for me. x

  7. absolutely it's amazing ! x

  8. It's really good and amazing on it's own as well and I have really short lashes. x