4 June 2016


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If there is one thing, I am constantly trying to achieve well apart from clear skin is a glowing complexion. As someone with quite the dull complexion, any products that have the words, glowing, dewy, and brightening I find myself gravitating towards. Over the last couple of months, I have been testing out three products that claim to leave you with that glow-y finish, well let's face we all want.

Skinbreeze Brightening Serum*:
Let's just get this out of the way, I am obsessed with the packaging - watching way too many episodes of Greys Anatomy, has me believing that I am a doctor of sorts - but it's hard not to just play around with it. Onto the product, Skinbreeze claim that the brightening serum works by lightening and brightening areas of dark pigmentation and prevent the formation of brown spots and further pigmentation. It works by combining the powers of Alpha Arbutin, Melanostatine and Tyrostat () and peptides which block melanin synthesis thus reducing unwanted pigmentation. I adore the consistency, especially as the weather has been getting warmer (well those few days we had) it almost feels like a gel and it just applies so smoothly onto the skin. It has a cooling effect on the skin, and it absorbs almost instantly making it really comfortable on the skin. I have definitely noticed a reduction in the dark pigmentation especially around my cheeks, where I have had really bad breakouts.

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OM Skincare Revitalising Beauty Booster*:
OM Skincare beauty boosters work to revitalise both your skin and mind, because of the aromatherapeutic element. I definitely get the aromatherapy aspect especially when the product is still in the bottle, the scent is very calming and fresh - I really like it- but it's quite mild and you don't notice the scent once it's on your skin. The revitalising beauty booster contains antioxidants botanicals, floral water and hyaluronic acid to hydrate and restore improving the over all firmness, texture and tone to the skin. I have been enjoying using this product and I can definitely notice the hydrating components working as my skin has been really dry at the moment and it's just drinking this stuff up. If you are really into your skincare, this might be a product you want to pick up because  it's such a nice step especially in the evenings when you just want to wind down.

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The Hero Project Glow Drops*: 
This oil is AMAZING! A dry touch oil, which essentially means that it doesn't leave you looking like a grease ball. Despite it being a drop touch oil, it leaves your skin feeling incredibly smooth and velvety soft. Honestly it create a beautiful base for your makeup to be applied onto and because it's a dry touch oil you can apply your makeup immediately after. Every time I do wear it underneath my makeup, I always get compliments about complexion and I definitely notice the glow it creates. It has certainly achieved permanent residence in my daily routine. I haven't been using it long enough to notice any long term effects on my skin in terms of my complexion but it is made up of powerful essential oils and vitamin C to work to create a more radiant complexion and the instant glow it gives to my skin absolutely makes up for it.

I am really into skincare at the moment. I have started my roccutane treatment (I was about to refer to it as journey, seriously way too much time spent on youtube) and I have  just completed my first month, let me know if you want a monthly update. It has pushed me to really look at my skincare routine and fix up. Make sure you check out my 9 best things you can do for your skin right now post, which I know a lot of people have found super useful.

Zeynab x

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