10 September 2015


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Life always seems to be a little more hectic during the beginning of September and we all get caught up with going back to school, work and important life stuff. That it becomes that much easier to take the smaller things for granted. To bring back some happiness back to all of our lives, I have put together a list of all the small things that we should be happy about. Side note who else is not feeling how dark it's getting earlier on in the day. This is the thing I hate about winter time, I can deal with the cold but the darkness just not for me.

1. Google (definitely like my very intelligent best friend).
2. Return of amazing TV shows (damn those long long summer hiatus).
3. Netflix (TV binge session, the only way to watch TV shows, check out some of my favourites on Netflix).
4. Sweet & salty popcorn
5. Pistachio ice cream ( if you haven't tried this flavour of ice cream, you are missing out).
6. Huge mugs.
7. Copper everything ( I may have gone slightly crazy for copper).
8. Coffee machines.
9. Grill (especially awesome if you aren't the best cook).
10. Pinterest (check out mine here, shameless).
11. Texting (not really a fan of phone calls).
12. Instagram (make sure you are following me).
13. Good playlist.
14. Weekends (sort of live for the weekends).
15. Brunch.
16. Dry shampoo.
17. Sunshine.
18. Friendly strangers (not the creepy type).
19. Late night movie marathon.
20. Bold lipstick.
21. Farmers market.
22. Baking cookies.
23. Shoes.
24. Retail therapy.
25. Pretty Leaves.

I hope you like this post, I posted something very similar so definitely check that out (if you want). Also let me know all the little things that make you happy.

Zeynab x

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