27 September 2015


The moment I realised that Autumn was here (will it was inevitable) or Fall (whatever you like to call), well I wasn't what you call excited. I am definitely a summer person, I thrive off the sunshine and love the long summer days. The colder weather kinda just drains me and I feel really down and constantly tired (or maybe it's just in my head) this year since I can't obviously avoid autumn (I would most definitely move to a warmer country if I could afford it, some of us just aren't lucky) I am going to attempt to fully embrace it, yep you heard it here first. So I took some time from busy (you know that is a lie) schedule to really think about what good actually comes out of this season and surprisingly I found that it wasn't hard.

Here we go:
1. Hot chocolate.
2. Pretty Starbuck cups (I am easily pleased).
3. My Birthday.
4. Sweater weather.
5. Boots, (absolutely hate exposing my feet).
6. Bold berry lipsticks (check out come of my favourites here).
7. Wood fires.
8. Return of Greys Anatomy (McDreamy).
9. Spend more time being cosy at home because it's too cold out.
10. Pretty leaves.
11. Not having to show your legs (cos who can be bothered with shaving.
12. Coats.
13. Autumn beauty releases.
14. Also beauty gift sets.
15.Getting away with wearing cosy, warm and sometimes not very pretty clothing to keep warm.

I hope you have enjoyed this post, let me know what your favourite thing about the Autumn season is.

Zeynab x

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