23 August 2015


You know that feeling you get when something (particularly good) is coming to an end, well I have that feeling and it's kinda meaning me feel sad. The end of summer is nigh, and I will be back at work before I know it. I have been trying to make the most of my time off this week, and cramming as much as possible in. Which has left me a little tired and I am having very lazy Sunday (still in my pyjamas) in my bed, pinning away (check out my Pinterest boards) and eating not so good for you food.

Next week is going to be little hectic, I have some beauty related meeting (I feel so professional, I am super excited) and a lot of prep for work and for the blog as I won't be having as much time to spend on it when I am back to work.

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Weekend Reads:
Morwenna Ferrier looks how Vogue has adapts a Buzzfeed esque approach.

Emily Witts looks at the very public display of the female BFFs.

Definitely have the travel bug, I am thinking about taking a little trip before I have to go back to work and this selection of European cities is very persuasive.

Big thigh problems, something I can definitely relate to.

Apparently we only need 37 items of clothing, what ?!

Lena Dunham shares her views on marriage, interesting.

Penny Lewis shares her top tips for a better night's sleep.

The Beauty Load Favourites in the Archives:

    Nude Lipsticks that look good on everyone. 
                                            This may be the best cleanser, I have ever tried. 
                         90s kid throwback playlist, the best thing for cheering yourself up. 
                                             The best introduction to my skincare routine

Let me know what are you up to?

Zeynab x

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