13 September 2017


nail care routine for stronger and healthier nails

I have always had a thing with my hands. Very rarely have I actually liked the way my hands and nails looked. Growing up, I was the girl with the shortest nails because well I had a nasty obsession with biting them off ( I was a very nervous child) and did everything to hide them. I tried everything to make my hands and nails look good, and that has lead me down some dark roads.

The pressure has sky rocketed, with me being a beauty blogger. I hate taking photos of my hands, you just have to look at my Instagram feed to see that (don't believe me, check it out for yourself here). The upside of being a beauty blogger is it's my job to test out an array of products and interrogate beauty experts. After a couple of mishaps, I have nailed down the ultimate hand care routine for the perfect Instagram hand shot every time (excuse the pun, and also there is just something about having great looking hands, there is definitely more to life than Instagram - read my successful social media detox dairy).

dr lewinn nail strengthener review

1. Stronger nails are best:
I have tried just about every product that claims to strengthen and grow your nails. But nothing has worked as well as the Dr. LeWinn's Renunail Nail Strengthener*. It's an at home nail care treatment that works to harden and protect your nails. It is fortified with calciums, which aids repair and protection of your nails essentially. How it works, is that you apply 2 coats on the first day and then 1 coat for the next 5 days. After which you remove with nail polish remover and that's it. Sometimes, when I don't have a week to do that, which is very often I use the treatment as a base coat. Honest, my nails have never grown as much, never ever! I have long nails now!!! And they feel strong as well, so I don't have that constant fear that they will break at given moment.

2. Don't neglect your cuticles:
Ask anyone with perfect nails, you never neglect the cuticles. Moisturising is key for healthy cuticles, which promote healthy and stronger nails. I was recommended Dadi oil by nail technician at my local salon, she recommended that I use it every night. The oil was created by Jim Nordstrom, who also formulated the CND's solar oil. Dads oil is a 95% organic treatment, and contains 20 naturally derived ingredients and essentials oils including lavender and vanilla. It is enriched with vitamin E to intensely hydrate dry cuticles to keep your nails strong but flexible at the same time. It also promotes new nail growth, because it increases circulation in the nail bed. The combination of the nail strengthen and this oil has seen that nails are growing to lengths, my young self would dream of. I have become that person that cut and shape her nails because they are so long (yep that is me). I love that it has a nail polish brush applicator, which makes it application really easy. I keep it on my bedside table, as not to forget to apply it. If you are looking to grow your nails and you were to take one thing away from this post, it should be this oil.

3. It's all in the prep:
The perfect manicure is all about the prep, it ensures that your manicure not only looks amazing but it lasts longer. I always clean my nails before nail polish application, to get rid of any residue or oils that might be on them. And always apply a base coat to extend the wear. I am not loyal to a particular a base coat, but the Ciate Underwear Base Coat has always done a good job for me. It prevents staining and it also enriched with lotus flower to help nourish the nails, always good when they have some moisturising benefits.

longer and stronger nails products to help with longer and stronger nails

Let me know your favourite nail care products are.

Zeynab x

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